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Location: Oklahoma, USA
Member Since: 7th Jun 2002
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Posted:last night i had a very large urge to spin fire...so i did and i had fun. but that bairly makes up for my own stupidity. after i was finish i had returned my fuel to the can and the little left in the pitcher i was using to soak i dump on the driveway and lit it on fire. that was all good till the fire jumped back into the pitcher. and for one reason i though it would do good to blow into it to make it go out.....and thus is why i am stupid. it did the opposite and blew back into my face. and now about 12 hours later my face is still kinda stinging. no i did not really hurt myself but i think i lost most of my nose hair...just a little warning for everyone that fire is weird. the flame had to have jumped at least four feet is why i was so freaked out. but im okay and should have my pics up of my fire and glowsticks. i got a few really good ones, but at a painful price....

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Fear the Kirby

shadow steppin
shadow steppin

official hop irken
Location: Tucson USA
Member Since: 12th Aug 2003
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Posted:well since yuh didnt get hurt allow me to be the first to say.....

AHHH HAHAHAHA!! i bet that looked all kinds uh kewl to see the fire jump though, in a freaky sorta way. i love fire so unpredictable.

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still can't believe it's not butter
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Member Since: 14th Nov 2001
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Posted:fire: fickle friend!
folly! etc etc.

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Member Since: 26th Jun 2003
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Posted:Bender, that was so poetic!

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Mistress Aurora
Mistress Aurora

Hot Schtuff
Location: Stillwater,OK/Wichita Falls,TX
Member Since: 19th Jan 2003
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But thank God your are ok

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Location: Oklahoma, USA
Member Since: 7th Jun 2002
Total posts: 87
Posted:yea, i really do deserve to be laughed at. im still not sure what compeled me to blow at it, but oh well. ive learned and i think that is the most important thing. and if i had a scaner that didnt hate me my pics would be up by now.

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Fear the Kirby


Mistress of Pink...Multicoloured
Location: Over There
Member Since: 6th Apr 2002
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Posted:At least you learnt a lesson - and didn't hurt yourself too badly.

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Great balls of fire
Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Member Since: 28th Jul 2003
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Posted:cor glad to hear you are ok mister! seen some quite freaky flames like that - spouts of canisters turning into blowtorches eek

bet the look on your face was priceless frazzled



Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: "In your ear"
Member Since: 9th Jun 2003
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Posted:you silly silly man!

stil so long as yu canlok back atit and laugh and say i wont do that again, its cool!

silly man *shakes head*

Step (el-nombrie)


just lost .... evil init
Location: Adelaide
Member Since: 12th Jun 2003
Total posts: 2474
Posted:ok the fire wasnt being weird, for fire you need fuel and oxygen and a flame/spark. you had the flame and fuel in your cup, if you add extra oxygen by blowing air into it ......

on the plus side nose hairs are unsightly so yay

if your face is still stinging after 12 hours you must have burnt yourself really really bad, u did add something cold to your face for a while after right? ive been engulfed by burnoffs on several occasions and ive only ever had the stinging last for 4 hours at most and that was when i did one without throwing the stick up and having the wind change direction with big wick .... for future reference if you burn yourself really badly leave the burn body part under running cold water (cold shower if u have to) for atleast 10 mins then put a cold damn rag on the burn body part and leave it on for atleast half and hour after (keep redampening it to keep it cold) its annoying to have to do it but it majorly reduces the severity of the burn.

if your at a remote location and you burn urself really badly water on a piece of clothing over the burn and sit in the back seat of the car with the windows down (assuming you have a driver) and the cold air flowing over your body will help (not heaps)

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Location: Bristol / London / Norwich / C...
Member Since: 9th Jan 2001
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Posted:Don't you just hate the smell of singed hair ?


be excellent to each other: safe:


Location: Brisbane
Member Since: 9th Apr 2003
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Posted:at least you wont have to get your eyebrows plucked out during your next makeover.

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Corporate Circus Arts Entertainer
Location: Auckland
Member Since: 27th Jun 2001
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Posted:I too made that mistake when I started doing fire, a fuel tin caught fire, so I blew on it to put it out and got engulfed by a fireball.

Really scarey stuff...

Sharing the story (like you have done) is the best way for us to help prevent others making the same mistake...

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