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Posted:Hello,I have put a video of me doing rocket poi on my website and after hearing about the name change of this site, someone said you might be interested in it.You can see it at this page:http://www.angelfire.com/mb/lukeburrage/juggling/movie.htmlI hope you enjoy it. I guess someone has been stupid enough to do this before, I don't know, I'm not all that into poi swinging. Luke Burrage------------------http://www.lukeburrage.co.uk - maybe the best juggling website, maybe not.

---Ten years ago, juggling captured my imagination. I'd like it back now, please, in case I need it for something else.


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Posted:Luke,You should do more poi. I think you have a natural gift for it
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Take care
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Posted:What can I say? A truly original show - wish I had the stamina to do a similar set. You have a unique style and pulled some moves that I don't think I've ever seen before (there may be a reason for that!
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)Keep at itIn aweNoodsP.S. I tried it with smoke bombs once - they lasted about as long and stank like a municipal incinerator. P.P.S. Some of those videos are amazing!

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Posted:Those videos are INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

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Posted:pretty cool!I've used fountains and magnesium flares on chains for a few shows, but you need a crash helmet, welding gloves , steel boots and a kevlar suit or you get burned.It REALLY KICKS ASS.Axis