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Inky Lil


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I'm looking into setting up a fitness/exercise class using/teaching Poi but I have no idea where to start.

Ideally I'd like to put some sort of course together with maybe a taster session (to include making a pair of sock poi) just to try and bring a little fun to this dreary little town, lol.

Any advice at all would be brilliant,


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Posted:im not much of a teacher (tho i once taught a 7yr old how to juggle 3 balls without saying anything haha) but id say start off looking at exercises that are similar to Poi Moves (dance fitness videos probably being the easiest to take things from)

for the 1st and maybe 2nd class i would focus on the Poi more than the fitness -allowing you to teach them how to make Poi themselves, show an example of what you know how to do and allow them to get comfortable with the Poi (which should reduce people hitting themselves haha)

taster should be easy enough to plan out after that

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Posted:I spin quite a lot and I'm still massively unfit, except for my toned arms lol smile

All girls want a toned bum don't they? smile You could use them for getting people to time their squats so they are nice and slow.. two spins down and two spins up.. or even wrapping them around the wrist and unwrapping them. It would make it more fun, I hate squats but they really do produce results.

They would be pretty good for cardio if you could show people how to easily turn or even just reels. You could reel over to the right in those dancey steps.. stall them midair as you do.. then reel them back the other way. Reels are easy, they are same direction circles spun in front of you (or behind)

Or using them as if they were a skipping rope even, jumping 180 to spin backwards and forward to switch it up. If I worked out more like I keep threatening to do I would be able to think of more things they'd go nicely along with. smile (oh the guilt lol)

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Posted:Oh dear I recall seeing a rather funny (and slightly painful to watch) video on youtube where there was a guy plugging a Poi fitness class smirk

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