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Posted:I was watching the following video...

Right around 1:06-1:07 there's a move that looks like a horizontal oval type of move, or a compressed reverse butterfly. The spinner only does it for about one second, but it goes back and forth a couple times.

I made an animated gif, but the framerate is pretty low:

Non-Https Image Link

The video should give you a better idea. Anyone know the name of the move, and even better, how to do it?

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Posted:Looks to me like a split time opposites little thing, done really squishily as a transition between flowers.

Basically you can go do your butterfly, but instead of having them in same time opposites, do it in split time.

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Posted:i can't get on youtube where i am, but it may be a variation of zan's diamond (going strictly off the gif). if you're not familiar with it, look it up on youtube and there are at least a few good tutorials on it. could be helpful.




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Posted:Isnt that a split time butterfly, but instead of keeping your hands in one place, you move them from side to side