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itamar perez


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Posted:i have a few questions about glow colors poi's:

Does glow colors can be seen at night or with low lights?

Does glow colors can be seen at night or with low lights or must they have a UV ilumination?

What does NON-Glow colors mean?


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Posted:hi itamaer! welcome my friend!
here are some answers!
by glow colours do you mean day-glow or electroglow?
the practice poi are typically of 'day glow' colours(all neon-like! ), and the battery-operated poi are electroglow colours (red, green & blue elements are available.)

day-glow colours can be seen both at night and at low light if you're near a UV source. They appear most vibrant near a UV source if they are specifically uv-reactive, not just merely bright. All the practice poi also look cool during the middle of the day - something most firetoys unadorned, have trouble with.
here is an example of dusk twirling with comet-poi:

Non-Https Image Link

electroglow colours appear brightest with the least ambient light. yes they will sppear in pale light (ie late evening, dusk) but will be at their most vibrant in the dark. Especially if they are switched on .
I have found the electroglow equipment available from here to be brighter under UV, but not as uv-reactive as some comet-poi.
here is an example of night twirling with electroglows:

Non-Https Image Link

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itamar perez


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Posted:Thanx Alot for the answers mate!


geneva weeds


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Posted:i have a white pare of glow poi that changed colors and i dont have the switch so it will not come on does anyone know where i could get a switch and also some kinda metal and plastic thing that goes inside it?


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Posted:What sort of glow poi are these? Flowlights? Ninja Poi? Those LED Ball Poi that you can find on Home of Poi?

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Posted:Holy thread resurrection batman!

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