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Posted:Has anyone ever heard of Cool Neon-tm? It's this spaghetti thin wire that lights up like neon lights(brighter than glowsticks). They have every color, and you can buy it by the foot. They also have various different drivers that make it flash or fade etc. I've been thinking about making some Poi out of it and was wondering if anybody has tried this and has any suggestions or warnings. Anyway, if you want to check it out go to : also, how about some Monkey Fist Poi made out of this stuff that might be way cool too.


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Posted:The stuff is called electroluminescent wire (or EL wire for short). It's been discussed here before, if you do a search on it.My halloween costume is made out of the stuff, which I got from, as it happens (there are other suppliers). I've got a pic online at've seen Poi heads made from the stuff, where the wire was coiled around a tin can (or something) and hot-glued in place. It does make for a nice effect. The downside to this stuff is that it is very temperamental: sections of the wire can go dim or dark after very little abuse. And it doesn't like to be bent sharply, so a monkey-fist knot would be a waste of time. I haven't tried this yet, but I think the best way to make an EL Poi head would be:1. find a cylinder that the driver fits in snugly2. wrap the cylinder with the wire and glue down3. use a clear plastic/silicone tube to cover the whole package.I've got some EL wire left over from my costume, so I'll probably be trying this sooner or later.

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