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Posted:I want to learn fire painting (rubbing a flame along someones arm, or at least the perception). How do you do it?

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Posted:My understanding on this is limited, being a fire virgin and all. As far as my understanding stretches the idea is to use a low flashpoint fuel such as ethanol, or any short chain alcohol really, and to ignite it before it evaporates. The only experience i have of this is using deodarant as a fuel (contains alcohol as a propellant)and then setting fire to it. It is a dangerous practice so expect to get burnt at least a little, also expect singed arm hair (smells like mushrooms) or any other hair for that matter. And last warning is to watch for any running of the fuel, i have a scar on the underside of my arm where the fuel flowed from the topside of my arm down and ignited.


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