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I have been struggling now to correct my terrible posture now for a few years and don't seem to be getting very far at all.
I tend to slouch with my head, should and upper back rolling forward and my belly sticking out.
This makes me look fatter than I already am, and is obviously not a good look for performing.
When I stand up straight I look much better, the problem is creating a strong new habit of standing up straight even when I'm not thinking about it.
I'm hoping some one out there will have some great ideas for how help me with this as I consider it the biggest drawback of my performance ability.
Any thoughts tips or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated!

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Taiji or Kung Fu help promote good posture... okay the sifu possibly holding a stick helps create good posture wink Not to mention once the style of movement becomes second nature it creates a very nice, flowing performance style, my style changed from a focus on high speed (but unbalanced) to a focus on smooth balanced motion, basically i went from drunken monkey style to long fist style.

Or enlist in the military or your local marching band wink

I've done one from each of the above paragraphs, i highly reccomend trying at least one of them, and just think, if your a staff fiend, the marching band baton twirlers have skills (usually) smile
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Exercise mate! Push ups and if you can, pull ups will make your arms chest back and shoulders stronger. The muscles will actually pull your body into proper alignment over time. A move called the superman will help with your back posture. Lie on your tummy flat. tighten your bum and lift your legs up a bit. go down and repeat. do a few of those and then lift your upper half up. It's going to streghthen and tighten the muscles in your lower back, pulling you up straight. If you belong to a gym, rows will do wonders for your back. Squats work on legs but also help to stabalize your core.

Most of all make an effort that everytime you pass anything shiny, look in it and adjust yourself. Stack your shoulders up and pull them back, stick your chest out a bit, tighten your core and take a deep breath. It takes a while, but you will notice the difference.

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thanks guys
i don't have time take up up kung fu or marching!
but core work i can definitely do

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get a post-it note and put a black dot on it. Stand up (straight) in your practice space and put it on the wall at eye level. As you practice your moves, make an effort to keep your eyes on the dot. If you wind up in a bad posture, it will make your eyes feel uncomfortable, and you'll have physical feedback and know to correct. or if you're really looking to become a ninja, you could always spin while balancing a book on your head =P

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That might be fun....

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really - you are not as fat as you imagine
and when performing it is NOT about your physique (unless you work in the average strip club) - it is about how confident you are about yourself...

I've seen "fat and ugly" perform... with the sweetest sense of humor that made up for any physical disproportion.

You can eat as much as you like - as long as you work it off.

You want to improve posture, practice Tai-Chi... and (no pun, offense or any like that intended) - you need to set priorities, because when it comes to acquired habits there's nobody coming around the corner and take it off you.

Tim, saying "I got no time" equals "I don't really mind too much"... check your environment and where you're most prone to fall into "bad" postures, remind yourself as often as possible, (re)arrange your workspace... exercise and foremost: be gentle with yourself smile

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Originally Posted By: JayKittyExercise mate! Push ups and if you can, pull ups will make your arms chest back and shoulders stronger

i actually went to a physio yesterday because i have a bad left shoulder and she told me excessive pushups tends to cause a hunch because it over strenghtens the pecs which then pulls your shoulders forward.

anywhoo, posture is apparently all about keeping your shouldblades vertical.

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in response to various points

the "post it" idea whilst interesting isn't that practical as i spend most of my time juggling not spinning, so i cant look at the wall

@tom i don't really think I'm fat at all, but i do have a sticky out belly when my posture is bad,
i don't however have a problem with presence or confidence but i do think that "lean" looking confident performers look better and are generally received better than "un-lean" confident performers, also however confident i feel, bad posture can express otherwise through body language

also regarding the "not having time" comment i totally disagee,
i dont have time to learn a whole new disipline (kung-fu, tai-chi, marching bands) just in hope of soring out my posture,
the reason i posted was to find specfic methods of correcting my posture not to find a new pastime that will benfit my posture,

the point about press-ups is a difficult one, i know that press-up develop the chest which can cause a slouch but dont they also work the back muscles which do the opposite??
i also know lots of people who do lots of press-ups who have great posture!!??

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Tim - any exercise that works one side of the body more than the other will cause a change in posture - and pushups on their own will do this. The suggstion was for pushups and pullups - this will work both sides, but again, its a limited movement.

I think you should take up something that will develop core strength, flexibility and the like.

Capoeira (my current fav) and Gymnastics (my childhood fav) both do this.

Yoga might also be good - but you seem to spend a lot fo time not on your feet in Yoga, so the balance aspect is different.

I understand the time thing - but this isnt just about performance, posture is about keeping you healthy for life. Bad posture turns into back problems later in life.

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This may sound like a crazy suggestion, but as far as an aid in your posture awareness, give Wii Fit a try if you can. The balance board measures that type of thing and can aid you in finding balance and being aware of the correct posture regardless of how you're use to carrying yourself.

Other than that, from experience dance (modern and ballet mainly) and yoga classes have helped a great deal with my posture and preventing injury by curbing incorrect movement that can hyper extend joints and ligaments. Also horseback riding in the English disciples will force good posture and core strength or you'll take a spill cantering or going over a jump (call it incentive!)

Pilates is supposed to be great for posture and core strength and I have some friends who swear by it. Hope those suggestions spark some ideas!

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I get your point Tim... and what I wanted to express is that a bad posture usually is acquired over a period of many years... expecting that to vanish over a short period is illusionary.

Awareness is a necessity. I got similar thing going as you... school and later working a the computer ruined my posture. These days I need to remind myself, check my body as often as possible and correct my posture or other habits.

So what Pyro said: "this isnt just about performance, posture is about keeping you healthy for life."

It's just so much harder to break a habit than to establish it. Self inflicted challenges are the toughest wink

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tom......i have no expection of improving my posture in a short period,

i do however belive that i can specifically work on techniuqes that will will imporve my posture,

if this is true and i can find and impliment them, then i can improve my posture, therefore my performance and as pyro says ultimaltey my long term health.................all without learing how to kick properly or march corretly or any of the other very kind but for me personally not ideal suggestions.

as i spend a large porportion of my week on keeping fit, training my skills, rehearsing and performing i am keen to use any time and energy i have a efficiently as possible in all of my trainig both for posture others areas.....

when im practising skills for example i try very hard to focus on my short and long term goals, i do allow myself time to play but for me that must come alongside the hard work that is needed to create good clean skills.

if i can find a way of working on my posture that will fit into my traininig, reheasring and exercise routine without either adding to much time to my training or without eating up to much time i would use for something else then i will have found my ideal soluiton,
then over the weeks, months, years i will be able to improve my posture as well as my skills, fitness, routines etc................whilst also promoting me and all the guys who work for me, buying a house, eating, posting on hop, drinking rose', writing, spending time with my lady....etc etc!!!

@novice, the wee sound like good fun, i will hunt one out a give it a go! the pilates is also a consideration as it could fit into the traninig i do easily and its seems many experts in the world of movemnt and sports hold it in very high regard, the dojo where i train also has lots of pilates balls smile

keep them coming guys and thanks for the tips wink

-sandy-BRONZE Member
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Hey Tim, Rob told me a really good method that his chiropractor showed him to help fix his slipped disk. Stand up straight with someone else to check you are in the right possition, then get them to stick a bit of gaffer tape to your back while you are standing straight. Then if you feel the tape go slack or tighten on your back you arn't standing right so fix it. Its a good constant reminder to stand straight as you can instantly feel if you are slouching.

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hiya pet lamb!
there are ready made posture correctors that do the same thing but i read reports that they can do more bad than good!?....................more research needed i reckon

Mr_JoePart-time genius
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I'd recommend pullups. They'll broaden your shoulders and strengthen your upper back, making it easier to hold your head up (it's surprisingly heavy!).

I've made an effort to sort my posture out over the last year or so, too. The best trick is to imagine that when you move around you're being pulled by a string tied to your goatee (real or imaginary beards suffice). That'll pick your head up and open your neck out. You'll instantly gain an inch or so in height and cut a more dashing silhouette. It feels like you're holding your head ostentatiously high if you're used to slouching, but it really doesn't look anywhere near so weird as it feels smile

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pull-ups im doing........well attempting wink
i totally agree it does feel very weird standing up straight someitmes!

JayKittyGOLD Member
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If you over-exagerate your posture every time you fix it, when you sluch, you become normal, try that. Also I love pull ups a bit more than I should, lol

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StuartMacleod_monkeyamazing artist
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wow a lot of stuff on posture and i dont realy agree with most of it.
becomeing more aware of your body and takeing control of it is what is desired.
bad posture is something you do. over corecting your posture is also something you do. I know that i think that i slouch too much and then i yank my cheast up which infact over arches the spine and makes me look like a constapeted drill sergent.
find out what you are doing. watch you body roll the hips up towords ur shoulderblades and your shoulders infront of your neck (or what ever the do) and stop doing it. Relax into good posture.
I suggest looking up the "alexander technique"
also lye on the floor with a book under ur head. knees bent and reaised. Breath deeply and relax. Pay attention to ur body and let it lengthen. let you neck be free. your shoulders be wide. let your torso(on both sides) lenthen and widen
and let your legs be independant or your hips.
also pay attention to your emotions and thoughts cos the translate into how our body moves. if someone scares you, you pull ur shoulders over ur neck and hunch up. if u feel likt crap u slouch. if i fel serene and well balanced u are seren and well balanced phiscaly
it also works the other way around. if u are physicaly well balanced and conforatble u will feel beter

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Cheers for all the tips people smile.
What i have decided to do so far is;

Reverse shoulder rolls (to help correct the rounded shoulders)
Lots of stretches to open up the chest and shoulder.
Lots of plank exercises

Pretty randomly i have also spoken to a hypnotist friend of my who reckons he can hypnotise me to be much more aware of my posture, I am happy to give it a go but with no big expectations.

There is also an Alexander Technique school round the corner from where I live, so I am going to investigate how much it costs and what the time and effort implications are.

If all this doenst work I am going to join a marching band!!!!!!
I am also going to do my best to correct my posture every-time I notice myself slouching

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