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Posted:This is a really simple move but must only be done while waring heavy duty trousers!!!
while spinning the poi either forwards or backwards next to the body spread your legs apart with a bend in the knees. if you do martial arts the position is knowen as the Hourse posture!
Then move the swing of the poi inside the legs so the chain/wire wraps around the leg and the wick hits around the ..... or the postirer!!
Yes.. thats what i said... the people whatching will winch or chear!!
it works much better if you have wire poi not chain and Jeans are deffinatly the best trousers for it.
its a impressive way to change the poi's direction and safe as the trousers protect you!

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Posted:It adds effect if you wrap the from the front, and let them hang for a few seconds before you pull the wrap back out. I sometimes sway them a little bit.

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Posted:... ouch ...



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Posted:lol i just picked taht idea up from watching joseph this past week. it does look nice.

what looks really cool (circa burn on teh beach yesterday) is if you do one of thsoe at the end to put them out. now, i bet taht would never actually work when you wanted it to. or only one would go out or something. but it worked really nicely yesterday and woot!, it looked awesome

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