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HOP admin
Location: HOP
Member Since: 18th Nov 2003
Total posts: 984
Posted:www.Poi.com has always been a url I'd love to have and we have now purchased it off the previous owners.

It may not mean much to some of you staff spinners.. but Poi is the number one keyword that people search for when looking for our type of "Poi".

Alas in future we may also need to start selling mashed Taro and GPS systems as Poi does have a few other meanings wink .

We will always be www.homeofpoi.com as "HOME OF POI" is our registered trademark around the world. Will just use www.Poi.com as a doorway to entering www.homeofpoi.com

Until we get that sorted it will just go to our main site.

Anyways I thought I would just share my moment of happieness grin



"May your balls always burn"


Rampant whirler.
Location: Geelong, Victoria, Australia!
Member Since: 1st Aug 2007
Total posts: 2418
Posted:Passing on knowledge of HoP by word of mouth just became a whole lot easier! Who can't remember to go to www.poi.com? I'm happy for you, Malcolm. smile



Location: Free falling through time
Member Since: 9th Feb 2005
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Posted:Nice one malcolm

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Owned by clarence_quack


Will carpal your tunnel in a minute.
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Member Since: 28th Jun 2004
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Posted:HomeofPoi wins the internet.


Owner of burningoftheclavey smile
Owned by Lost83spy

Rouge Dragon
Rouge Dragon

Insert Champagne Here
Location: without class distinction
Member Since: 21st Jul 2003
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Posted:Hells yeah, go Malc!

And please don't start selling mashed taro...foul, foul substance that it is!

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

Rougie: but that's what I'm doing here
Arnwyn: what letting me adjust myself in your room?..don't you dare quote that on HoP...


Lv15 Ranger
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Member Since: 13th Mar 2007
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Posted:Hmmm, I wonder how easy it would be to replace 'u' with 'c', 'y' with a second 'o' and 't' with 'm' on keyboards?

In all seriousness, way to go!



Mission: Ignition
Location: Central New Jersey
Member Since: 7th Nov 2004
Total posts: 534
Posted:I had a mate go to poilessons.com to learn poi and then complained about how shoddy the gifs were. poi.com.... simple and amazing. HoP is taking over the world and what a wonderful place it will be.

Don't mind me, just passing through.


Location: Seoul, South Korea
Member Since: 15th Jul 2005
Total posts: 108
Posted:hmmm, in a world run by HoP, would fire spinning festivals be treated like religious holidays where employers are required to give you those days off without losing holidays? wink


Member Since: 20th Sep 2003
Total posts: 6650
Posted:that's a good investment Malcolm - "Pawns on Poi" that is wink

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink


Unofficial Chairperson of Squirrel Defense League
Location: South Africa
Member Since: 2nd Dec 2007
Total posts: 4061
Posted:Congrats guys!

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"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here."
- Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Mr Majestik
Mr Majestik

coming to a country near you
Location: home of the tiney toothy bear
Member Since: 9th Mar 2004
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Posted:expand the empire! liberate those oppressed by the tyrannical ignorance!


"but have you considered there is more to life than your eyelids?"

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Lv15 Ranger
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Member Since: 13th Mar 2007
Total posts: 1489
Posted:Huh. I just tried out poi.com, and when it redirected me (whoo!) I wasn't signed in like I am with the old URL. Nothing major, but weird.



Carpal \'Tunnel

Member Since: 17th Apr 2002
Total posts: 15414
Posted:Nice Url ya' there grin

Backordered or bought?

Rich Alexander
Rich Alexander

Location: Washingon State
Member Since: 21st Jul 2009
Total posts: 5
Posted:right on

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. -Joseph Campbell


is a medium/large scary man
Location: Victoria, Australia, Earth, Mi...
Member Since: 31st Jul 2005
Total posts: 420
Posted:Originally Posted By: Malcolm
Alas in future we may also need to start selling mashed Taro and GPS systems as Poi does have a few other meanings wink .

Well mashed taro doesn't sound like the best thing to sell... lol
But what about a GPS loaded up with all the worldwide regular spinning and juggling gatherings/conventions preloaded as POI wink

Gratz on the domain dude =D

Contact juggling was invented by dung beetles.


.:*distracted by shiny things*:.
Location: brizvegas
Member Since: 13th Oct 2003
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Posted:clap bounce2 grin yay! nice one malcolm grin

do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good to eat!

if at first you do succeed, try not to look too astonished!

smile! grin it confuses people!


Fate Keeps Telling Me To Stop

Member Since: 24th Sep 2009
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Posted:Bah you'll be like Walmart soon wink


Member Since: 30th Jun 2009
Total posts: 11
Posted:In for this....

And congrats on you new achivement.


comfortably numb
Location: The countryside
Member Since: 8th Jul 2004
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Posted:Nice heist Malcolm! Congrats smile

.All things are beautiful if we take the time to look.


master of disaster
Location: New York
Member Since: 8th Mar 2004
Total posts: 3354

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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

HOP Mad Doctor
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Member Since: 28th May 2001
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Posted:It'll always be www.juggling.co.nz to me. grin

Congrats, Malcolm. A good move!

EDITED_BY: Doc Lightning (1257108612)

-Mike )'(
Certified Mad Doctor and HoP High Priest of Nutella

"A buckuht 'n a hooze!" -Valura

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