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Posted:Ok This is a very important thread for me

I started doing fire juggling and for those who dont know about it.. lets just say i toss a wooden ball of fire around my body and arms and it burns like hell.

Now.. im using firewater a friend gave me which im not even sure whats it made of. And i want to know about the long term effect.

Everything concerning burns on my skin i absolutely dont care. Im a masochist so it doesnt really hurt. Problem tho is that i heard the different substances used for burning stuff if leaked on your skin.. will actually be absorbed by the body... and that is where my concern is... i dont want to end up with skin cancer 5 years from now cuz i think being a freak is cool.

So. Can anybody give me information regarding the danger of having a ball of fire (lit by firewater) rolling on my arm and burning my skin (and im guessing firewater leaking on my arms) is that dangerous???

Aside from the actual burns... i like them.

Ok.. thanks a lot all for the info.. if anyone has any... i am new to this whole :FireScene: and although i really do love it.. i dont really have a clue about the dangers of fuels and fire

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Posted:Rant time!
Burns are not cool.
Everyone who likes to play with fire [I know I do] it should know the risks and hazards and will of prepared.

A first-degree burn is where the top layer of skin (the epidermis) is damaged. If not treated there is a risk of infection. If the burn covers more than 3 or 4 inches there is a high risk of infection. If the area is not cooled straight away [basic first aid here people] with running water for at least ten minutes it could become.
A second-degree burn is damage to the top and middle layers of skin (epidermis and dermis). With swelling, blistering, weeping, infection city.
third-degree burn is where all three layers of skin (epidermis, dermis and subcutis) are damaged. With this type of burn, the affected skin will have burned away. nothing left! No skin! The organ that protects us from very nearly everything.. Gone

Oh and do you know how they do skin grafting?

Ive had thermal burns. Chemical burns, dry burns radiation burns and once had a inhalation burn after being exposed to high levels of sulphur dioxide [English spelling] Burns are not fun!

Oh and find out what your mate puts in his Fire water and then I will be able to tell you what it may be doing to you.



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Posted:firewater is a slang term for booze, so I'm not even sure what to begin thinking you're using. I would say it is absolutely, stunningly, dangerous to use a fuel and have NO IDEA WHAT IT IS.


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Posted:On firewater.. where are you from? It means different things in different places.





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Posted:laugh3 I have seldom read a more honest and twisted post as that one laugh3

MadScyan... if you're a masochist, you'll enjoy the cancer too wink

"Firewater" is a highly purified paraffin, also used for Fire Breathing. so to speak it's the "Mot Chandon" amongst the liquids used for spinning (as it still has a relatively high flashpoint and burns quite clean)...

As for the rest I won't comment much more... good luck dude

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Posted:The more your tissue has to regenerate, the higher probability that you will get cancer. i.e. say there is a 1% chance of a skin cell forming cancer when it's developing... Well, everyone else may develop a skin cell in that place 5000 times in their life (numbers are plucked randomly out of my head and not correct)... but if you're continually burning and therefore need to regenerate these cells, then yes, there will be a higher chance of skin cancer.

Will regards to exposure of fuels to skin and cancer risk, you'd have to look at the data sheet, but Yes, they do cause cancer.


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Posted:::cringes:: Liking burns or not, doing it on a regular basis is pretty bad for you, also, it takes a long time to heal, I still have remnants of my stupidity from when I started spinning about 5+ years ago. Also like natasgi said, the big C. Think of of burn like a sunburn... would you constantly expose your body to blistering sun? If you want to last in the fire scene be smart, we all have our battle scars but we don't get them on purpose.

Also if what I think you're discribing is accurate, there are better ways of doing fire contact juggling.

Don't mind me, just passing through.


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