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mcpPLATINUM Member
Flying Water Muppet
5,276 posts
Location: Edin-borrow., United Kingdom


comments, criticism welcome. Positive one liners, not so much.

Also I failed at encoding, forgot to set it to widescreen and that's what you get.

"the now legendary" - Kaskade
"the still legendary" - Kaskade

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MassHysteriaGOLD Member
19 posts
Location: South Florida, USA

very nice, the best contact I have seen by far and your flow is unmatched... keep on keeping on!

keep on keeping on

LazyAngelGOLD Member
Carpal \'Tunnel
2,895 posts
Location: Cambridge UK

lovely spinning as usual - but I have a few crits:

the choice of song - yeah it's a great song and the only reason I bought an album by black, but I didn't really feel a connection between it and the performance - if someone's performing to a song about what a wonderful life it is I'd expect them to smile a bit more wink

you were really 'poised' for the first minute, after that not so much I thought - as in footwork seemed a little less clean and defined

I thought the rolling on the floor bit with the saxophone solo was going to start a whole groundwork sequence: IMHO it would have been nice to fit that in with the music

It might have been better to go for a simpler trick at the finish

mini me was a bit distracting to be honest

cartwheel trick=win


also, when am I going to get you to come to Cambridge? wink

Because ActiveAngel sounds like a feminine deodorant

Like sex, I'm much more interesting in real life than online.

'Be the change you want to see in the world around you' - Ghandi

-sandy-BRONZE Member
old hand
716 posts
Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

yea, nice tricks and all but i thought you were too straight for too much of the routine. Like the only movements your body made were those necessary for the moves, the movements were clean, just a bit too minimalistic for my tastes.

I'd have liked to see you dance around more, bend your body more and look more like you were really getting into the music rather than just performing tricks.
Also think about where you are looking at every point of the routine, you spent most of it looking at the staff or the ground, very little looking at the audience.

Like Guy said, cartwheel move was nice, i may steal that.

"Don't do it naked!"

simtaBRONZE Member
1,182 posts
Location: hastings, England (UK)

footwork had lots of little half-steps and adjustments which gives a slightly unsure feel to it.

if your going for the really minimal and precise routine then i think every movement that does happen needs to be more solid to the point of feeling mechanised.

"the geeks have got you" - Gayle

280 posts
Location: Hy Brasil - For real now.

Loved the song choice, thought you matched it's ennui perfectly, don't change a thing with that, especially the look to audience. There's not enough slow staffing to slow tunes about.
Didn't think the luceros needed the arms, perhaps if they were a little more "swimmy" and less "guiding". How about only shoulders with hands in pockets? In fact, yeah, more stuff with hands in pockets would have suited the tune.
Thought your footwork was pretty good meself.

Never lie down with someone who has more problems than you.

GarryGOLD Member
18 posts
Location: Dublin, Ireland


comment:\\ really felt you sink at 1.03 and empathized
comment:\\ yum yum slight mental rewind repeat at 2.15 meditate
comment:\\ 3.13 touchingly transparent hug
comment:\\ 4.19 cartwheel such flow makes me jealous yes

criticism:\\ very minor bumps unavoidable; you know yourself
criticism:\\ Show us your teeth before the second bow at 4.56 grin

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