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Posted:Hey people, just wanted to say hi. I'm new to this board, and to poi. Been going at it for about 4 days now, got most of the basic stuff down..i'm going in order on the lesson list and i can do everything up to chasing the sun so far. Anyways how's it going?! Hey i do have a question though..when you are done with a routine or whatever how do you end it? most of the time i just stop swinging and let gravity do it's thing, but i was thinking there had to be a better way than that. Talk to yas laterHugs and plur,matt------------------All that AND a bag of chips?!? Now that's a deal!

All that AND a bag of chips?!? Now that's a deal!

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Posted:Welcome and enjoy matt, once you start theres no way you'll go back! when i end a routine i let gravity do its thing like you, with a couple of random spins to finish it off and put them out if they're not already...blahhdy blah. yay the fire scene is expanding!! happi twirling, kt
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Posted:Welcome PureEnergy!
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Well I some times let gravity do its thing but, when on fir its a bit diffrent. Near the end you can slow things down so the flams won't go out, or you can speed it up so the ambers will glow! I like variating speed. After all it is a Fire Dance, right, and not a Fire Race
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But at the end of a show I speed things up as fast as I can. (Have you ever had a stick on fire, at a campfire, and twerled it around, It looks kind of like that) most of the time i do a kind of O-LAY Finish
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By spinning around right, and at the last moment turn left and slap the ground with my poi on my right, (like a bull fighter)
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Lots of sparks and ambers fly, and it is a high energy, climaxed finish.I know what you are saying KT It seems in the last four years I have been doing this It is getting huge Now in the past year. But its all good, I have learned alot from the new folks and I am Happy they are here
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