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decemberscalmSILVER Member
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So I'm absoluetly in love with the waist wrap and BTB moves in general right now, becuase they look absoluetly jedi to me. I've been cassualy training them for at least 3 months, and so far, all I've got is a btb weave that is clean every now and than. Every time I prepare to attempt btb wall plane weaves I stretch, and I can usually get it going for at least one repetition. Usually not more than that >.< How long does it take to get bendy enough to do it? I have the muscle memory embedded into my hands and wrists, I just can't physically do it yet juggle (I am probably the most unflexible person I know, which my friends are suprised by becuase of my body type).

Mother_Natures_SonSILVER Member
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Took me a little while to be able to do it properly... got BTB stuff first, then just kept twisting up for waist wraps.

Try doing btb buzzsaw stuff, you can't tangle that kind of stuff up. Clearly use shortened poi. :P If you can't do it make em REAALLY short, then just make them longer as you start to feel more comfortable. Take lots of small steps. smile Good luck!!!


DurbsBRONZE Member
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As a semi-workaround, if you're BTB-waist-wrapping on on your RH side, take a step back with your left foot, so it takes your body slightly out of pure wall plane, but makes it a lot less bendy.

Also, experiment with hand positions. Without holding a poi, take your LH into the right side BTB WW position and try varying how high up or low down your hand is coming out. For me, i have my hand just about my hip, but as everyone's bodies are different, some people have it higher, others lower.

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GeezaGOLD Member
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Watch Nicks woolseys video on waistwraps on

He basically says to link btb forward weave with btb backward weave then carry on turning your body less and less until the arms/hands are doing all the turning.

I'm guessing this will be easier because it allows your body to slowly stretch into the move rather than just trying it right out.

Silk_the_ElfGOLD Member
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And of course the scales of poi dvd (also by Nick Woolsey) is available in the HOP shop and has helpful exercises to learn to control your planes at all the angles. I haven't gotten far with it myself as I'm still working on a lot of basics, but I did watch it all the way through to see what it was all about and was impressed at how much is really covered!

StoneGOLD Member
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Ok, evil waist wraps.

I watched Nicks video on waist wraps and it has a lot of great information on weaves, plus some good tips on flexibility. But, as Nick says, he mainly deals with 3/5 beat btb weaves, and not the tradition club swinging waist wrap. So, I suppose it depends on whether you want to learn the btb weave and call it a waist wrap, or learn the proper waist wrap.

The waist wrap is a different move to the behind the back weave because it has a carry. So its do the three circles behind the back then a carry back to the start, and repeat. The beauty of the carry is that it facilitates seamless transitions between front and back waist wraps.

For more information Id suggest looking up Anna Jillings book on waist wraps and her next chapter on fountains

It may be easier to learn this move without poi, say wooden spoons of something.

Have fun smile

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astreaPLATINUM Member
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I find leaning forward helps the BTB stuff, as well as leaning on one leg (I even put one leg in front of the other so I don't hit myself.)

As far as other flexible moves, try a different plane. Maybe one not so "in front." On the side a little looks about the same, and is tons easier. And practice and stretch, of course.


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CharlesBRONZE Member
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Just do what I do... Be totally and utterly inflexible, yet somehow fool your body into bending when it needs to anyway.

You only pay for it the next morning when you wake up...

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Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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Waistwraps are a cruicial movements to learn, IMO.
It's not all about flexiblity, you need to be smart about body placement to take advantage of what flexibility you do have.
To me, the key in accomplishing waistwraps is in raising shoulder where the waistwrap is happening. This lowers the opposite shoulder, allowing better reach for your outstretched arm across.
Waistwraps became so much more fluid, intuitive, comfortable after that.

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Mother_Natures_SonSILVER Member
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Ease into it... it'll happen, its more about coordination in those areas than real flexibility, I think...

Got a staff? Try waistwrap positioning with that, you can do it nice and slow to build up coordination there easily.. if not a broomstick is just as good!

And I realise you say you've got muscle memory, but control is a very different thing... It FEELS like you're not physically able to do it, but if you're getting one or two off and not feeling actual pain then or the next day you're most likely able to and just dont have the control to keep the repetitions going... but then again, I may be wrong, I'm not a physician. Good luck!

Let me know what ends up working... You could try stretching or exercising beforehand to get your body warm. ^_^
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GeoffonTour04SILVER Member
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I'm also pretty inflexible & have had trouble with waistwraps, btb and some longarm stuff. Made a point of doing some stretches every day and it's helped, although I am still fairly rigid.

On waistwraps in particular, make sure your planes are tight going into it, I tried a mix of going into it from btb weave, and a 2bt weave by my side in wallplane.

Mother_Natures_SonSILVER Member
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I only say that its probably not a matter of inflexibility because if you feel you're inflexible, you're less likely to keep at it, and therefore less likely to improve your control in those areas..

the other piece of evidence I have is that I can do it no worries at all in one direction... I can even do stalls and some sometimes ugly, sometimes clean looking spiral wraps there as well... but if I go in the other direction I feel like I'm not flexible enough, but clearly I am! I really ought to work on that weakness...

Good luck with it! I found the best way to get into it for me was going from btb weave into like a 2bt waistwrap before attempting the waistwrap on either side.

I leant a lot to begin with and eased into doing that less and less, THAT probably took flexibility, but not the initial movement.

And on the full waistwrap could anyone direct me to a link of an example of a full waistwrap, I'm not 100% sure I understand and I cannot work out the text based stuff for the life of me.


astonSILVER Member
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Nathaniel Everist has a tut on Youtube, not seen it, but his other stuff seems pretty solid, so might be worth a go.

Nick Woolsey also has one up there, including some ways of getting to it.

Am in the labs atm so can not get the actual links, sorry.

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NathanielEveristSILVER Member
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Tada! Hope it helps, pardon the hair, haven't had a haircut in a while.

OrbitSILVER Member
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There are definitely easier and harder ways to do the waistwrap... if you look at the early bits of Nathaniel's video, for instance, you see that he does it differently on the right and the left. On our left (his right) side, which involves his left arm, he does an easier variation, which is basically to turn your body sideways and do a btb (see Durbs' comment above). Nathaniel just twists his hips, but you can get the same effect by moving the other foot back.

Here's my waistwrap video from ages and ages ago...

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PyrolificBRONZE Member
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^^^ that last video shows the traditional club swinging style WW - most other videos show variations on the wall plane BTB weave. They aren't exactly the same thing.

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