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The problem is that using kerosene is producing a lot of smoke and smell. Is there a particular fuel that can be used that is less problematic but still effective?

any ideas are welcome!

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there's lamp oil which is a little more expensive, but just as safe and cleaner (take the poi out after you're finished though!)

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Thanks for your reply Poiboy!
Is there any particular brand that is better then others as I've been told that lamp oil does not produce a sizeable flame?

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Many ppl in Aust use D60/70 and other products. Less smell , less smoke. Where are you from.

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wrong forum?

However, Poi indoors is only recommendable with ventilation above average and (very) low odour paraffin or colemans fuel. It really depends on the location and it's size. In an average private residence I would not recommend to spin fire at all, whereas inside a loft or larger facility I don't see much of a problem.

Please (if you attempt to do it) take extra care on fire safety (fire blanket and extinguisher), least I want to read about is "Poicrazy found charred"...

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