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Hello everyone! I saw this move on the beginner section but I can't really understand what it is...It looks like a crosser or a "double" tuck turn but I'm not sure and I can't really understand it from the video. Can someone describe me every single step of the move? Thank you very much!

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Name: Meltdown (waistwrap, reel, wall)

Description: This move is kind of wall plane waist-

wrap. Have two lower and upper reel part.

-Hand behind the back, at the opposite side, spin-

ning in the front.

-Hand in front of you, above the shoulder, at the

opposite side, spinning behind the head.


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looks a bit like a huggy, but less lovable, and more flailing, lol

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Is a meltdown like a low-wave except higher and closer to your body? I'm going to be harassing the crap outta the forums until I get this one down haha.

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I'm trying to figure this one out myself. It almost looks like a low wave but instead of getting your hand back in front, it goes up and swings across... But then again, I may just have hit myself on the head one too many times ubbloco

I can't do it... Will sleep on it.

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That's one ugly-ass move - especially in the video ubblol

Also the name makes no sense, perhaps "Breakdown" would be better as it looks like you're having one when you do it? wink

I think i'd break it down as follows:
LH one beat behing the other, leading with RH;
~ Across, btb, LA carry to over the shoulder
Split time.

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Wow, the guy in that video has got weird meltdowns. I understood a meltdown to be one hand in the waistwrap position, while the other is in a crosser position, one arm going around the back for a beat in front, while the other arm goes around the front for a beat behind the back. Does that make sense?

You can have butterfly and same-time meltdowns too.

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ah the joys of move naming the confusion the arguements ..... but yeah as far as my opinion counts a meltdown is an alternating full body crosser with out a whole beat of said crosser but there is as many var as there is ppl that do them with that said yes there is butterfly meltdowns and someone can prolly do them antispun

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Nick woolsey had a bonus video on waist wraps which had a brief section on meltdowns. Also there is a great meltdown tutorial on encyclo-poi-dio dvd by zan. The latter is where i learned meltdowns from.

They dont look sloppy if you do them clean and turn them into giant meltdown then a waistwrap or whatever else

NathanielEveristNathanielEveristSILVER Member
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Meltdowns both look and feel fantastic if you do them well. The person in that video was not doing them well. They link perfectly with reel combinations and btb weaves too.

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 Written by :Geeza

They dont look sloppy if you do them clean and turn them into giant meltdown then a waistwrap or whatever else

I had a giant meltdown one, wasn't pretty.

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