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Fairly recently I had a fire poi accident. It came as a total suprise to me since I have been on fire before and burned. It had never really been that bad I have had someone put out my back once. Allso I started spinning nearly 8 years ago. Though I wasnt consitant spinning through those 8 years, you still retain alot of controle and have the ability to excell faster than others. I had only been spinning fire for 5 months and had become very comfortable with fire. When my planes go haywire I usually know and can move or something. I had began to believe that fire poi was pretty safe as long as you wore good clothing. cool

To get to the point, I had begun my 4th fire set with poi this time.
I was useing colemans campfuel used a spin off can, because I like to be safe. I began doing simple circles to get the show started to move into more complex things. Within about 30 seconds "WHAP", eek right into the side of the head (just above my ear). It was like throwing a wet but not dripping sponge against a wall (SPLAT!). eek The entire half of my head was on fire. I swatted a couple times at it but it did not go out. Thank God my fire saftey was there and paying attention. I dropped to my knees and spread my arms out and waited. If anyone has every wrestled in high school you know how long a minute can last. It was the LONGEST 10-25 seconds of my life! Very painful mainly because of my ear. frown
My ear was burnt though it did heal in a week and a half. I definately had to reevaluate my saftey precautions. I remembered all the time that there was a saftey not paying attention or "whatever". I want to re STRESS that one is ALLWAYS needed even if you use parrafin (like I do most of the time NOW). ubbidea

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geez! That could have been a lot worse, of course, and Im glad you are well, but this is definitely a word to the wise about always being vigilant and respectful of the dangers.

Thanks for sharing and safe spinning.

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apparently colemans lamp oil will burn without a wick. im trying to get some so i can do burning trails on my arms. but i wouldnt us it to spin with for that exact reason.
a freshly fueled poi of the stuff will act just the same as a torch being used for trailing, lighting anything it leaves enough fuel on.

having said that i have alot of hair and wear a bandana when spinning so a hit with any force behind it will still soak my head in parafin making a nice wick and human torch. so yes no matter how safe u think its become always have some one watching ur back.

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Yup thats what i was going to say.
You should probably think about changing fules. I have done the same and simmilar things using a fuel like kero or parrifin and all i got was a few singed hairs from the flame on the poi insted of a trail of flaming fule left on my face. It is defenatly a lot safer.

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i only plan on using coleman for fire eating (trailing as well) and staff (maybe) just for burn offs. I'll have to see how well parrifin does in a burn off. though Ive had a drip when fire eating with colemans because i was to quick and didnt shake my torch enough. Caught my neck on fire. Needless to say I'm way more careful now and everyone else should be too. Ive read Pele's accident and the guy that went to the hospitle cause of his chest on fire. I think its nature to think "it wont happen to me". Maybe another horror story will help people understand no matter how good you are....EVERYONE messes up.

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My girlfriend has caught her ass on fire and I've lit my back up in the past, coleman transfers really easy. I do open handed fire transfers all the time with it.

That being said, anyone have any other preferred fuels they use?

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I gotta say, i have a soft spot in my heart for Kero. Nice DEEP orange color, lovely smell (and ample smoke to help out), long burn time, and doesnt transfer too easily. The only reason i use white gas is for a quick burn and hand transfers......and cuz it's what everyone else uses, so it's available


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