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Posted:AT LAST some good photos, they are on my mates gallery at www.anime.dk/gallery go look its the fire poi link.
they were taken on bonfire night and its me using poi of death(no chain just burning wick all the way to the handle, move or burn)
and sparkly wire wool poi with a medium grade wool with just a splash of parrafin to get it going.
i have been doing poi since the second of august this year and am very happy with the results so far

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Posted:Put these on they suit you!

Cool piccies...

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King Of Bongo
King Of Bongo

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Posted:nice one dude, i like!

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Posted:Yeah cool man, makes me wanna burn stuff

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What a brilliant set of photos!!

Well done you!!

(and your mate for taking them )

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Posted:A sranding ovation to you! Beautiful fire mate! And yes, props to your camera man!

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Poi... it's an obsession.


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Posted:I like sparkles....

Well done

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