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Posted:This is a daytime Fire Poi session and a video exploration of techniques including Hybrids, Inversions, Insides. Flowers and many Anti-Spin ideas. The video is in 3 parts and includes some bonus footage after the credits.

Thank You for watching.


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faith enfire
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faith enfire

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Posted:Totally love the buzzsaw variations
and really great control
was that b/n the leg work at the end?
I have a question...how do you not burn yourself on the metal chain when doing buzzsaw and other moves that require shortening of chain?

Oh and what a lovely place to spin

the only thing is that because it's so long I never get to watch the whole thing-being only computer access is at work

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Posted:Nice video, smooth style and some good technique too.

I think the fire was a little pointless as it was barely visible throughout and for me it was a little long...

In terms of your spinning, you seem quite right-hand bias; alot of the pendulum/stall/one-hand extension stuff was with the right hand 90% of the time, though I'm sure only a sad techy spinner (like me) would actually notice this and care wink

But yeah, cool smile

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Posted:Thanks for the comments....
Maybe I was having a right handed day!!!
I would hate for my left hand to think I was biased.

I use denatured alcohol which seems to burn quite cool. The chains stay cool.

As for the fire: I like the sound it makes. I also think spinning with flame grounds your technique. Technique must conform to the changing weight of the poi as fuel burns off, and the spinner must have an awareness of the fire in relation to his/her surroundings and an awareness of the body in relation with the fire (no burns or singed brows)...all this is part of the technique of fire poi.


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Posted:i found the camera angles and constant movement of the camera pretty annoying, especially in part 1

i agree with durbs that the video was maybe a bit long, but there was some nice spinning

cool vid

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