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I have 2 dogs and I've observed their individual reactions when I spin fire in the back yard. (don't worry, there is a gate between them and me, I wouldn't want them to ever get hurt)

My Alsation (Buckweed) loves it to bits. He watches me and gets very excited and actually starts barking when I stop and he'll only stop barking when I light up again or explain to him that it's finished (he's a very clever dog).

The other dog (Pokkel) likes to watch, but is a bit more cautious. She'll usually poke her head out from behind the wall and stand looking entranced, but doesn't get as excited as Buckweed.

Does anybody else ever spin in front of their pets and what is your pet's reaction to it?

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I've spun fire in front of mollydog before and she's seemed curious but not too bothered!

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for some reason, when I read "pets and fire", I expected something like that flying hamster explosion story ubblol

the dogs that have walked past me when I was spinning never seemed to bothered. But then I'm not a dog person, maybe they can smell that wink

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I guess Buckweed is an exception then, but he's always been an exception. He's just as crazy as his dad!!!

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Stupid me left my firewater container on the ground when I did an rare and impromptu spin at my bday party. So, my dog decided to taste it. She was ~this close~ to being rushed to the vet; vomiting, drooling, listlessness, shallow breathing. Really scary. Took her 12hrs or so to get over it. My bad. Very bad.

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