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I just figured you guys might have a good idea as to where I can find these two chemicals. It's not for poi or firebreathing, so you don't need to bother with any safety lectures (I don't even have any fire toys yet, still waiting on one of my friends who makes fire staves to get around to it).

Oh, and one stipulation: I want 100% pure Petroleum Ether. White Fluid (I think that's the name) and Coleman's Camping Fluid aren't suitable, as they have contaminants present.

Everclear is probably pretty freaking simple to get, I just need to find out where.

Help, anybody?

DedphrogSILVER Member
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Not sure where you're located at, but most liquer stores will carry everclear, as far as the Petroleum Ether....I'd try looking up a comercial chemical supplier*shrug*

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I'm located in Christchurch, New Zealand.

ducky2108A little bit of a board whore
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I know that you can get pet. ether from chemical suppliers. SigmaAldrich supply lots of chemicals to industry and university chemistry departments. Not sure it'll be cheap though.

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DutSILVER Member
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if you have listerine or other high-alcohol mouthwashes there, you can fill ice cube trays with it, wait for the water to freeze and pour off the alcohol on top. hell, it might work even better with cheap vodkas too. slightly less water to freeze off wink

-- dut

flash fireBRONZE Member
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What do you want it for?

*paranoid about sleeper cells*

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Do you need to have any form of chemical licence to receive goods from Sigma Aldrich? I would have thought there'd be some kind of problem, since Petroleum Ether burns and boils at very low temperatures.

The reason I need it is because I'm making a tincture of various herbs (primarily ginseng), to see if I can successfully create a tincture that could be watered down and sold as a health-conscious alternative to standard energy-RTDs. The reason I need Petroleum Ether is that many of the herbs require "defatting" in order to absorb the correct parts of the herb rather than the parts that would potentially contaminate the final tincture.

ducky2108A little bit of a board whore
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I'm not sure. You could check the website, but I don't think so. Also, I don't think the website has prices on it, although I may be wrong.

I think you said you were in NZ.

Also, just for the record, There is no one boiling point for Pet. Ether. When you purchase it, you purchase the one with the size of alkane chains you need to fit the range you want it to boil at. Yes, you can get it with a boilsing point of forty degrees, but you can also get it with a boiling point of 120.

Also (i've just remembered this), Please note that Sigma's chemicals (and most other chemical suppliers) aren't seen as suitable in use for medical applications or drug preparations. If you do want medical grade pet. ether though, it will cost you an absolute fortune.
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ginseng cough!

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squarefishSILVER Member
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wink"Various" herbs LOL smile ubbloco

DixieGOLD Member
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I don't feel entirely cosy with this thread...
*wanders off in search of less worrying fare*

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darkpoetBRONZE Member
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for those of us who are utterly clueless...what exactly IS petrol. ether..

and i was under the assumption that you cant get any sort of alcohols from petrol..the whole oil+water not being miscible..and how u cant have alcohol w\o h2o molecules...

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