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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:this one
this one
this one

But how much do I sell them for?!

I'm going to blow them up nice and big tomorrow, and is going to cost about a tenner.

I don't want to outprice myself, but at the same time I want to make a nice profit.

The three of them will go up for sale individually, but I'm assuming the person who has shown interest will buy them all..
He just left me a message saying "I want to buy your fireworks pictures"

So..price suggestions please!

Whats the average going rate for photographs being sold by a poor art student!

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Posted:You've made me cross.

You should *not* be trying to work out the going rate for photos being sold by a poor student.

If someone wants to buy them, they are or a quality that justifies someone spending money on them, so treat them as such. Go and look at some sites that sell prints of a similar style and size. Don't ever undersell your work or yourself. Start as you mean to go on! biggrin

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Posted:I'd have a glance on photobox and see what they sell it for at a similar size...



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Posted:Regardless of whether or not you are a poor student, or whether he looks upon your photography as fine or applied art, the financial worth of it is as much as the highest bidder is willing to pay.

He wants to buy your photography and therefore if it has an artistic value which especially appeals to him, that sum could have a higher ceiling than you think.

Have you asked him to make you an offer? You don't have to accept one immediately but you can consider it - and barter from there upwards wink

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Posted:Well done Aime clap

what do they want they pictures for? if they are for anything commercial whack the price up biggrin

Yay for Aime

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The Tea Fairy
The Tea Fairy

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Posted:Oooh, pretty!

I've seen similar go for between 20 - 60, it's definitely worth looking at what others charge on the web though as these look quality!

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Posted:Well done for the pictures!!
Why don't you ask what size they want (if they're getting printed) and ask for 40 each, if it's a poster-size. More if it is bigger.
If they're not prints, ask for 30 each

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Posted:be careful - if its just a one-off sale of a print, you're fine to just haggle out a price that seems fair to both you and the buyer.

however, if they want any kind of rights assigned to them (e.g. for sole use or for future use in anything other than the format you've supplied them in), the price shoots waaaaaaay up smile

cole. x

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