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hey alls , just kinda sitting here bored,......cause i am. anyways , i'll be making a video soon. my dad got a fancy camera, lets just hope he'll let me use it! i dont know if it has sound yet but we'll find out sooner or later. so be prepared for a really awful video cause i'm pretty dang low in talent *looks in awe at the amazing poi persons on here*. hehe thanks to this site i have learned humility. anyways the video might give some encouragement to any other young whippersnappers that come screeching in here, as i did. i dont really like special effects done during poi vids cause you kinda lose the talent of the people i think, but any tips on better filming?

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no real tips for me to offer really, besides avoiding other light sources in the background.

what I did want to say is that seeing video of yourself spining is a huge diagnostic tool. There is what you imagine yourself looking like when you spin, and what you really look like. Generally these two have little in common (be that good or bad or some of both).

It's actually been about a year since I've seen a video of myself doing fire, and even that was a only a few second clip. I really must get back to watching myself soon.


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Seeing myself spin absolutely made me a better spinner... there are certain moves which I hardly ever performed only because I thought they were boring, but look simply amazing only due to hand placement and circular variations, not difficulty. I finally saw footage of myself doing wraps, and they don't look quite as cool in large doses than as small, and I have since cut down my use of wraps drastically and gone in to more fluid, "A Game" (damn you NYC!) spinning.

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