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Ok, I've been looking through some of the threads and don't understand some of the tearms used.

*Beat (I'm guessing thats one full swing)



if anyone's got anything else they'd like to add to the list, please do, it'll help us newbies that dont use 'poi language'

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ummm empty space?

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Negative space, the area between your arms and your body, so:

Butterfly = body, arms, poi

NS Butterfly = body, poi, arms

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mmm. not quite.

negative space: the area enclosed by any completed shape
implied negative space: the area eclosed by any shape that appears completed in the view of the observer

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In Laymen's terms, make a hole, put something through it. wink

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Ed. You alright? You're stooping down to my level now...

(You'll like it down here... smile )

Yes negative space. A memorable section of your '15 Hardest Poi Tricks Workshop at PLAY' (Punctuated by random 'sorry I'm dying' sounds)

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