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touchBRONZE Member
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Location: London (S.E), England (UK)

Hey poi people.I guess this should go in the events forum, but I thought it would be noticed more here. SORRY!If you are in London on Saturday the 7th of July, please come and spin for a good cause. There will be a march going from Malet street WC1, at 1:00p.m. The march is to help sign language to become a noticed language, so that there will be more help, government funding, and education for deaf people of this language. There will hopefully be a carnival type feel for this march, poi, staff and other arts all included and welcome.PLEASE COME! it would be great to have lots of people spinning, and lots of smiley faces too. Also I think it is a brilliant cause, so please help...See you there?Take care, and love to all...Tony *TOUCH*[This message has been edited by touch (edited 05 July 2001).]

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CassandraFroggie ... Ribbit !!!
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sorry can't make it but I wish !!!all the best to you allshine oneCassandra

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Would love to come, but I will be 'sightseeing' in London that day with my partners parents!have a grrrrrreat day!

AjtagThe occasional one...
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hey there, i had a offer to come to london for a art exhibition on friday... i turned it down but if this is on and i have a chance to get back after it is finnished i may just join you in the parade.enjoy - angus------------------moo? ... is that it?

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