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i've been spinning fire for about 2 months, and i (along with others i've seen) tend to just spin the excess fuel off into the grass. this seems to a) kills the grass and b) wastes a hell of a lot of fuel.
is there any other way to spin off excess without killing things, and preferrably save the excess fuel as well? i have a few half-baked ideas (such as attachable cans) but havent yet experimented with them...any ideas?

LoewanBRONZE Member
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Burn-offs for the win!!!

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GeezaGOLD Member
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how do you do a burnoff with poi? I just spin them around on the floor and slowly go up to a corkscrew

sagetreeGOLD Member
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[Old link]

MikeIconGOLD Member
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Buy a paint can with a handle. Stick your poi in the can and hold the handle so that the poi are hanging half way in, not touching the bottom. Spin the whole setup at a full arm circle for about 10 seconds. No need to attach the can or anything. This will collect all your excess fuel to save the grass and allow you to pour back into your fuel supply. Cheap, simple, effective.

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kashGOLD Member
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I pop on a pair of marigolds and gently squeeze the excess off back into my fuel dump (got that one from the fire safety cd from HOP)

Tom_ShillSILVER Member
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ditto ICoN, it's amazing how much fuel comes off. I wouldn't squeeze though Kash, because you might easily squeeze off more than you need to. If you spin off using a bucket or can you don't waste any fuel and you don't lose any more than you need to from the wick. Remember the idea is to only get rid of the fuel that would fly off during normal spinning, whilst keeping as much as possible in the wicks.

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jinvincibleGOLD Member
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If you put a stainless veggie steamer basket in the bottom of your can or bucket, you can spin off excess fuel quickly and easily. The addition of a stainless (or other corrosion resistant) funnel to your kit, and you can easily pour the recaptured fuel into your tank for future use.

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I still use whatever 2 liter soda bottle that I just finished drinking.

Slice a whole in the side and slice a cut from the whole to the top. But this has all been discussed before.

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kevinconiamBRONZE Member
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great, thanks a lot for all your tips everyone. many beautiful grass blades will now be saved :-)

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