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Hi all,

I checked the boards before posting, and I didn't see this move on it. Apologies if I missed it and I am being redundant.

Easy, fun move (to be performed only on pavement/asphalt of some sort).

Soak your poi in fuel. Instead of spinning the excess fuel off, light the poi and bend down slightly. Roll the poi around you in a circle (be sure that they're actually touching the ground). You will make a cool ring of fire on the pavement around yourself that will last for a few seconds.

I use Coleman camping stove fuel. I don't know how this trick works with other types of fuel.

Just be sure that you have non-synthetic socks/footware on. In case you light your feet in fire, you don't want to have synthetic socks on.

I also like fuel plants (a term I made up - again, I'm sorry if I am being redundant).

Before you perform, pour fuel in a pattern (circle, zigzag line, whatever) - my friends call this a fuel plant (cos you're planting the fuel on the ground before you start). During the show, nonchalantly touch the ground with your poi and watch it light up.

At the start of the show, it's also cool to have a friend light a line of fuel on the ground (and you be at the other end, so that s/he has indirectly lit your poi).

Warning with making circles - make the circle a few feet wider than you think you need it (and make sure you have pleny of room, ie no grass/trees around - big parking lots are great). The flames tend to travel towards the center of the circle, so small circles can be a little dangerous.

Thanks everyone for posting new moves, so folks like me can improve!


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I think that's one of the only two advantages to using coleman. The other is less slippery floors.

Be careful with that coleman people... it's nasty.

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NYC is right, Coleman has avery low flashpoint, meaning it's very easy for spark, ciggarette or other hot point to set it alight.

This is just my own pesonal opinion, but I'd would NEVER pour colemans onto the ground, simply because it might light from any number of unpredictable reasons and the whole fuel container could go up in my hands.

also, I believe Colemans burns hotter than solvent 3440 or kero, making it more damngerous to use than kero-like substances.

While a ring of fire or something similar might look really cool, make sure you know the risks involved, especially if it's just done coz it looks pretty.

That's one of the worse reasons I can think of for getting hurt...

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Don't know what coleman is? Best for drawing patterns crow style, is the barbie starter gel, comes out nice and thick and burns long and slow. Also if you pour a bunch of metho across the ground by your feet b4 you do that chains round the ground thing you can get a nice area of burny stuff which is a difrent colour and you can dance in it with-out burning up your sneakers

PsyriPsyriSILVER Member
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I do see the safety measures needed etc etc....


colmcolmPorn Appreciator
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have you tried using kero and sawdust. You can use your imagination if you need any more ideas with it.

Go on, try it. You know you want to.

There's a daydreamer in all of us.

Christ, wha' am I crackin' on aboot.

Ya, sawdust and kero. You get the picture

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It goes along with fire sculptures and such, a term called ground trailing. It has been covered here but not in a looooong while, which means it might have been lost to the abyss.

It doesn't work with other fuels without wick material on the ground. Putting it on your tool is the safest way to do this because it is really not an excessive amount of fuel. Actually placing the fuel on the ground is damaging environmentally, and if the ground has even the slightest angle to it, the fuel travels and it gets bad. I do know someone who did this and caught the ground nearby on fire, and if it weren't for quick usage of a fire extinguisher, it would have been a HUGE disaster. So, beyond the fact that the fuel can be dangerous, it is also dangerous in large amounts (that would circle a person) for the uncontrollable nature of where the fuel will end up.

If you watch much Cirque Du Soliel, their fire artists use this technique to spin off on stage for years. With one of the tools (sort-of poi but not really) the artists makes a circle and with the staves it shoots in long lines horizontally to the performer.

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the barbeque starter gel sounds like a good idea, does it leave a lot of residue after its finished burning though??, I saw the stuff in the supermarket once, and thought to myself, i never realised that wollworths sold napalm??

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I almost always doa circle burnoff with poi, i use kerro, so the gropund isnt set on fire (unless its summer and im on dry grass) but you still get a circular fire ball. you have to do this quite fast to get the burnoff effect, but its definatly my fav way to start.

T wave

p.s. Pele, fuel on your tool? ouch!

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