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I'm having troubles figuring out the low and high turns confused. I've watched the tutorials multiple times but I still can't figure it out. I only started poi spinning a few days ago weavesmiley . All comments are appreciated smile Thanks smile


IntruderBRONZE Member
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Just put your hands either side of your head (slightly back) and turn your body, the thing to remember is that the Poi have enough momentum to complete the turn and its your body doing the hard work.

Hope this helps

GeoffonTour04SILVER Member
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when you spin forwards, the poi are by your sides like this

|O| (facing this way ^)

So when you do low & high turns face 90 degrees right or left and keep the poi in the same plane, this way you're interrupting their natural movement as little as possible and it requires less effort/practice than breaking plane

0 (facing this way > )

Diciple_Of_AresBRONZE Member
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they are right. just move your body... when i was first learning, i was trying to do it by moving the poi. i did it once by accident and went, oh! duh!

you only need to move your body, keep your arms and the poi where they are.

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SeventhBRONZE Member
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hey, I've been poi-ing technically for a year or so, though it's VERY on an off [mostly off, lol] and though i can do most of the simple things, and a few of the more complex tricks enough to look pretty competant - i CANNOT do turns. it just doesn't happen.

it's getting really embarrassing cos i'm currently teaching beginners in basic spinning and this VERY basic, and essential move eludes me.

On a good day, i can just about go from backwards to forwards - though i have no idea how i'm doing it so i can't replicate it. but forwards-to-backwards just ends up with me getting clouted.

i've watched all the tutorials i can find but i just can't seem to 'get' it. I understand the concepts, it's me that turns while the poi carry on spinning, and that the effect is to change the direction of spin, but can someone talk me though it like i'm a five-year-old please?

for example, where do i put my hands, i've got them by my sides, slightly behind me? when do i start to turn in realtion to the spin? silly things like that.

i'm really sorry to be such a moron!

Deamon_LlamaBRONZE Member
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Hey Seventh, are you talking turns when they are in time, or split time, such as a weave?

weaves are fairly easy to turn in, you wait until it's on the side you want to turn to, and then when it's on that side you turn you body while keeping your hands doing what they are doing, so that you go from forward to reverse by turning yourself, not the poi.

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squidBRONZE Member
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I have to say that the tutorials here on HoP are simply not up to par with others. Its the only fault I have with this site. So I do advise looking around for ones with larger, clearer pictures.

However, let's start with the low turn, or hip turn. This one gave me more trouble than the high turn because my planes needed to be straighter, otherwise I would hit my legs.

Lets say you are doing a simple forward spin, with both poi in the wheel plane (at your sides, parallel to your line of vision) You are spinning same time, with your palms facing upwards. To begin the low turn, watch as the poi begins to descend in front of you. As you approach the 6 o'clock position, when the poi is facing down, you allow your hands to pivot down and inwards. Not your entire arm, mind you, just the hands. Keep them at hip level. I pretend like Im trying to get my fingers to touch my elbow on the same hand. It forces you to really fold your wrist over.

That is what happens with your hands. Now you have to remember to turn on your heels as the poi is passing down at the 6 oclock position. You will have to figure out which direction is more comfortable to begin with, but I recommend practicing turning in both directions so that you are totally comfortable with the move.

The poi itself will make a small rotation as you turn. It feels more like your are doing a pendelum rather than a full circle, but the idea is not to force the poi into a direction you have envisioned in your head. Simply feel it tugging, and let your arms follow its pull.

I highly recommend trying this with one poi first in your non-dominant hand. It takes slightly longer, but is simple to get your dominant hand to pick it up. Not so the other way.

High turn/Shoulder turn:

This one was much easier, as there was nothing but my noggin getting in the way. True, I've got a big head, but instinct tells you to dodge when necessary. wink

this time, start from reverse spin, same time, at your sides. Your palms should again be facing up. As the poi approach the 12 o'clock position (pointing towards the sky) bring your hands up to your shoulders acting like you are tossing the poi over your shoulder. Again, you will have to choose which direction to turn. As you turn, the poi continue to drop along their arc. But since you are turning, they swing along parallel to your back (wall plane), instead of smashing into you.

If you turn too slow, it will hit you, if you turn too fast, the poi doesnt have enough time to make its rotation and it will tangle around your neck. (dont fear. Doesn't hurt too much)

So, toss the poi over shoulder at 12, as the descend to 6 you turn, as they approach 12 again, you lower your hands from your shoulders back to your sides. You dont need to rotate your wrist for this one, like you do in the hip turn. Just keep your palms facing your shoulders when you turn. Much simpler move, in my opinion.

And of course, practice makes perfect.

Dont be sorry, Seventh. Wanting to learn doesnt make you a moron. And there is no better way than to ask.hug

Of course, if none of this post makes sense, then IM the moron. biggrin ubbangel ubbloco
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SweetdevilBRONZE Member
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well i feel so much better now knowing that people that have been doin Poi for more than a week still have issues with Low n high turns
now i dont feel so stupid
practice practice practice
i got my first lump on my head today from it hitting me
i was so proud

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