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it go verry well i think , i have the forward swing , the backwards swing , split swinging , butterfly ,giant butterfly ,alternate butterfly , overhead butterfly , the wave , chasing the sun , corkscrew , behind the back butterfly , but treed the needle the low turn and the high turn dont work with my somewan want to explain ??? weavesmiley

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If they dont work, then take them back to the shop and get your money back wink

Check your private message Goagirl.


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Yeah, I'll explain.

Please do a search.

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I suggest going here:

meditate eRic.

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I can do forward and backward swings and split time in both directions, but for the life of me can't figure out the high or low turn--both end up as knock me about the head time or I end up with one poi chain wrapped around one arm. I've watched the video lessons multiple times and read a mess of threads here. I can't seem to get the turn with the poi swinging behind my body. Any suggestions for breaking it down into Poi for Idiots? wink

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HIGH TURN - when the poi get to the top of their circle (same time, or split time - same times easier to begin with) then bring them over your head so they do a smaller circle behind your shoulders whilst turning 90 degreesa - to keep them moving in the same direction. then whilst turning the next 90 degrees the poi are coming out of their little circle behind your shoulders (at the top of their circle again) bring them so that your left circles on the left and right on the right - you should now be facing the opposite way to begin with with your poi spinning in the opposite way (i can only do forward swing to backwards swing for the high turn).

to do this split time then you basically do exactly the same for each poi except one is sort of following the other. - you take the timing from the first poi (i.e. when the first poi is at the top ofits circle you start to move).

LOW TURN - starting with your poi spinning backwards (again easier same time, but can do split - also can be done forwards to back - depends which way you turn *i'll explain further down*). ok so spin your poi one way then as they get to the top of their circles again bring them across the front of you whilst turning 90 degrees so that they do a circle parallel in front of you (slightly apart or they'll tangle!). then as they start working their way up to the top of the circle, move another 90 degrees and the pois should come down in the opposite direction to before on either side of you (again left on left, right on right).

i dont know whether its possible to do high turn starting forwards and turning to backwards - probably but i just seem to hit myself! backwards to forwards is a lot easier though. I think its the concept of going over the head that takes a while to master working out where the poi go.

the low turn can be done forwards to backwards, and backwards to forwards. eventually this can be don going from forward to back in one 180 degree turn.

remember they can all be done in same time or split time, but same time is easier to start with

to make it a bit easier - as its hard to read a paragraph whilst practicing - heres some steps:

HIGH TURN - from backwards

1) start doing a backwards spin

2) at top of circle move 90 degrees right (or left) bringing poi behind your head

3) poi behind head at top of circle turn 90 degrees right bringing the poi to either side of you, now in a forwards spin - yay! done!

LOW TURN - from forwards

1) start doing a forwards swing

2) when poi start to come down turn 90 degrees left (or right) bringing the poi infront of you

3) at top of circle turn 90 degrees left bringing the poi to either side of you, now in a backwards spin - yay! done!

other easyish turns that can be done are tuck turns and one which i dont the name

tuck turn is done whilst doing a forward swing, when the poi start coming down, bring them both under your left arm, turn 180 degrees so they are doing a circle under your arm and bring them out into a backwards circle. this can be done in same time and split time, and probably backwards to forwards but that would be very difficult!

turn i dont know the name of is done by starting in a forwards spin (or backwards) when the poi start to come down turn 90 degrees to the right (or left) with your right hand poi infront of you, and your left behind you for a spin (or vice versa for the other way), then as they are at the top of their circle turn 90 degrees right again bringing them to either side of your body and they should be doing a backwards spin.

also for THREAD THE NEEDLE basically your hands are doing one potato, two potato, three potato, four - going on top of each other when the poi get to the top of their circles. when this is done without getting tangled you can make it more difficult by gliding your hand up your other arm up and down to change which arm is on top.

hope that makes sense - also check out the 'poi moves' forum as this is where all of the explanations are.


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It is possible to do high and low turns from both directions.
Learn them by starting with circles in front of you (literally in front of you in a vertical plane so you see the circle front on) keep your hands together, as if you are holding a stick. From here you can learn reels - the circles pass alternately in front of you and behind you. A high reel is the same as chasing the sun, you say you can do that so technically, you nearly have a high turn. Learn reels in both directions.

To do a high turn you start forwards, make a 90 degree turn and pass the poi behind your head like you do in chasing the sun, keep turning so as the first poi comes in front you are facing the opposite way to how you started. Et voila! To go the other way (backwards to forwards) you use the other half of the reel - passing both poi in front of you.

Low reels are a bit harder because your legs are in the way. Start by doing the circles in front of you, as an example I shall describe circles to the left (but you will learn it both ways) which will eventually make a right turn. As the poi come down to the bottom of the circle to the left pass your left poi behind you, let that circle behind you and as they come to the top again bring the right behind you. As the left poi approaches the bottom of its circle, bring it back in front of your leg, and as the right poi comes up, bring that back to the front too, taking you back to the start. To low turn forwards to backwards, facing left to facing right, you just make one pass behind you and turn, to ga back again, do the front half of the reel.

It is important to remember to keep moving yourself with the turn, but the poi always stay in the same plane. You want to be in the middle of your reel circle, as you are 90 degrees to your start point.

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