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leafsfan_28SILVER Member
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I've been messing around with poi for just over a year and I thought I might have some new moves but I can't seem to get them right.

1) Start with the butterfly on one side of your body and flip it over your head to do the reverse butterfly on the other side.

2) Rotating the poi in opposite directions and do a low turn/high turn on each hand.

Any suggestions?

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Tom_ShillSILVER Member
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In (1) do the poi start in front of you and then go behind your head for the 'reverse butterfly on the other side'? If so then it's called Angel Wings. Number (2) is just a way of doing opposite reel turns, so the poi are spinning in opposite direstions at your sides in wheel plane, as you turn the first 90 degrees they go behind you, one high and one low and making a funky S shape behind you. When you turn the final 90 degrees you bring the poi back into wheel plane. If you do this in wall plane and in split time it's called a Wiggle and it looks and feels ace. Not the best of explanations I know, but there's a lot around on reels and butterfly variations. So stuff for you to search: Angel Wings, BTH (behind the head) Butterfly, Wiggle, Opposite Reels. I know it can take ages but if you have rumage around you'll find loads of good stuff.

Have fun

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leafsfan_28SILVER Member
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Location: Japan (now) Canada (home)

I think I might have wrote it wrong. I can do the behind the head butterfly. What I want to do is the butterfly on my right side, then flip it over to the left side. My friend thinks it is impossible. But I think it can be done. javascript:void(0)

DrudwynForget puppy power, Scrappy's just gay
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Yup it is possible, but like everything, it just requires practise! Number 1 is exactly the same as a Butterfly to bth butterfly, so just try it! Practise doing it with one hand then the other, then both hands together.

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colemanSILVER Member
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its definitely possible - its easier to do with split-time butterflies though smile

cole. x

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No, it can. If it's what I'm thinking of, then I learned it as the "butterfly weave," and I found out how to do it on a thread here, but I'll explain it as best I can.

Start with your right hand going forward and your left hand going reverse, just in circles on either side of your body, then cross your right hand to the left side as though you were doing a regular weave, and you should get one loop of a butterfly. Try it with your left hand crossing over, and then do it without anything in between.

Sketchy explanation, I know, I'm not very good at them, and you can do it with right hand reverse and left hand forward as well, but again, I found out how to do that from a thread. Try searching "butterfly weave."

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