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I have cool red Concentrate staff which is getting blacker and blacker day by day.. I can remove the black loose stains, but how do i clean off the black burn't on parafin stains.

pleae help.

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"Cleaning staff"

Like this lot?

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On the serious side, there is no way of cleaining your staff totally and getting rid of all the black bits. Its carbon from the parafin and it stains the metal.

You should get used to it fairly quickly ubbrollsmile

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i encourage you to not care about the soot stains. a soot free firetoy is a quixotic endeavour.
one must dirty the dishes if meals were ever to be enjoyed, the same does apply with fire toys.

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Except when flying Qantas or practising lots of contact stuff

"Dirty" is just another word for "well loved" - e.g. Dirty girlfriend wink

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 Written by: Durbs

- e.g. Dirty girlfriend wink

Dirty girlfriend dose have other meaning also wink ubblol ubbloco

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i like a girl with a dirty mouth
someone that i can believe

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I just tried cleaning my staffs with steel woll and it worked pretty good.

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lighter fuel's pretty good at cleaning most things....
and being as paraffin is kinda the same, maybe that'd even work?
or just repaint it now and then

*produces sandwich- is happy*

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"I just tried cleaning my staffs with steel wool and it worked pretty good."

Maybe, but after doing that for a year, you wont have any stick left tongue

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