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Ok i may just be a twiz but does it matter how long your strings are confused My bro said that mine were long but i dont no, i find them k....

ttfn louie xox

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it is what you are comfy with, it depends on what you are doing. in the poi tutorials i think they talk about length of chain and string
I started long, but now I go shorter for buzzsaws and under the arm stuff

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Indeed, the recommended chain length is based on the total length of the entire poi, from handle to armpit. It is mostly a baseline for beginners to use because it can be frustrating with poi that are too long (increased tendency to get into an uncontrolled plane and hit yourself) and poi that are too short (faster spin). But whatever you're used to works fine, and you can always wrap longer poi around your hands to shorten them. I have poi that are a bit longer than the above baseline, to poi that are smaller than my forearm, and I use them all (for different styles of movement).

There is no right or wrong, try different lengths out and see what you think.

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i personaly use very long strings and have no prob controlling. i just throw some weight on the end and it just flows. but i am thinking about shortning it so i can do more moves. never really used chains either just shoe strings and leds. the strings are 40 inches.

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the socks ive got i keep long for practicing moves like split time butterfly and going from one side to the other and flowers. I shorten them for hyperloops and hand wraps. there the 2 moves and trying to do at the moment anyway

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i enjoy short poi. Long poi just cant satisfy my wraps, they will go to far around the wrapping subject and smack in the eye if im not too careful. I use 24" chain length. But as you go on you can sustain almost any length. Each have their pro's and cons. So technically, you really cant have the wrong size, its just a matter of what comforts you. Its best to try to be as comfortable with your poi, if not they can smack you wink The wraps i do are one after the other and have to be precise, so in other words, i need shorter poi.

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