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Posted:Since I am new here and to poi swinging in general I thought I would post how I have created a different looking set of poi's, practise poi's, will get around to making one with tails in a couple of weeks.What really looks flash, instead of using string, get three different colours of about 4-5mm wide ribbon and plait it together. It really makes the practise set look alot more stylie.Also instead of using tennis balls, I borrowed a friends electric drill and drill right through a couple of rubber balls (the ones that are totally solid). They were multi-coloured ones so they went well with the ribbon. The main difference with these vs tennis balls is that they are way heavier and swing around faster, though the pain is just the same as they bounce off the body better!! :-)I won't say how I did the handles because the proto-type ain't working! Maybe once I get near my Mum's sewing stuff in a couple of weeks I will figure something cheap to do. Though any ideas would be helpful.Rhianna

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Posted:i also wanted to expand on the idea of twirling and use ribbons like the dancers use in HS and i was wondering what kind of material to use so it could glow like a glowstick, or mabey glow in the dark stuff. ay info would be appreciated.




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Posted:Others have mentioned you can just cut open a bunch of glowsticks and pour the liquid on a comet poi's tails.If you're performing with UV light, just having white comet poi will do the trick. If you paint them with fluorescent paint, it's even more vibrant.

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