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Posted:just found a vid on the net on how to make some "fire wire" as they call it, but realy it's easy and cheap Sparkle poi

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Posted:I dont mean to be a party pooper but whatever you do. do not do this EVER .

That is exactly how to get someone blinded or seriously hurt please could you remove the link sorry

For safety tips and info on wire wool follow this link it has most of the useful stuff an what to do and how to do it safely.

Wire Wool ---- Sparkly poi

before i met those lot i thought they'd be a bunch of dreadlocked hippies that smoked, set things on fire ,and drank a lot of tea but then when i met them....oh wait (PyroWill)


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Posted:Amen Mint!
wire wool bad

you want the truth? you can't handle the truth!



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