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Posted:I did a search on sparkly poi, and read through everything that came up, but didn't find what I am looking for.Instead of making a special holder for my steel wool, if I wrapped it around my kevlar wicks, would this work??I would try it myself, but am far away from anywhere I can do poi at the moment.Thanks

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Posted:hmmm, I haven't tried it, but I'd say probably not. The problem with steel wool is that it tends to disintegrate as it's likely that if you just wrapped it round, you'd get great big chunks of it flying everywhere. But, if you wrapped some metal mesh over it, it might work okay. I've done a little experimenting and found that it's quite hard to get the size of the mesh right......too small and it traps the sparks, too big and you get chunks flying everywhere. I haven't done any serious stuff with it......but I tried quite thin sparkguard type mesh and it worked okay. Draevon would know, if he's still around.xaeda

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Posted:i just found sparklers that ore 3 feet (90cm) long. that should make for a very long sparkly poi burn huh?

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Posted:Hmmm, you don't see Draevon about much anymore. I seem to remember he got into an argument with someone on the board ages ago. I think his email address is, but you might want to check the incendium website to be sure. Someone (poss. Draevon?) once posted about wiring sparklers to the ends of poi (dipping them first as wet sparklers don't light!). This sounds pretty good, but I haven't tried it yet.As for mesh, what about chicken wire? You can buy it in most hardware shops, even with different sized holes. I would guess 0.5-1 cm holes would be good. You could always wrap big holed wire round a few times though, to make the holes smaller.Hope this helps,FP xx


Posted:If you want Sparkles just get large balls of steel wool and "tie" them together with a coat hanger.. use pliers to tighten them... but remember that will give you sparks flying far off your poi.. P.S. make sure to have a non combustable core.