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I have my insurance sorted (at last!) but need to write a risk assessment. I have seen posts and websites about this, but would someone mind giving me an example? I would like to see what a poi/staff specific one would look like. Just to get me started off on the right foot.


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Posted:I'm not sure there is a set format for risk assessments.

They should contain
-COSHH information. Basically, any chemicals you are using which can be considered harmful should be included, with the risks and disposal procedure, along with info on cleaning up spillages and what to do if they're swallowed, get in eyes etc.

A list of other risks and what you're going to do to minimise these risk. So, for example, Risk of end flying off, people getting hit, people catching fire etc.

They, ideally, need to cover every eventuality. I'm better at the COSHH stuff than at the other side if I'm honest

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My risk assessment has finally reached 20 pages, all inclusive, to cover stage and outdoor article pyrotechnics where used, more if you include the appended msds sheets, and additional documents for any indoor fire shows.

I'll send you a copy of it, if wanted, but I'm sure others here will have a more succinct version.



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