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I'm having alot of trouble trying to write a risk assessment for a primarily busking fire show. I have copies of the European and British Juggling conventions risk assessments but they're set up for specific events as opposed to something loose like busking.

do any of you know any insurance brokers/companies I can contact? can anyone send me a suitable risk assessment? I'm sure there's at least 50 people who have encountered this exact problem!

Please helpme and my friends out, the cops are kicking us away regularly on the basis of not having insurance. I'm aware it'll cost alot, that isn't a serious issue, I need to get one foot in front of the other with this and I'm a bit baffled.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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as far as i know there is no company offering insurance in Ireland,sorry.

if you PM me though i will help you out with a risk assessment.


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I set up a fire performance group in Belfast a few years ago (

At the time, I tried every single Irish and English insurance group possible to try to get Southern fire performers insured. I also wrote a long proposal for an insurance company in England, who then tried to set something up with a sister company in Dublin.

Nothing worked.

Southern insurance companies are not interested in insuring fire performers.

There are some places you can get gigs without insurance (nightclubs etc.) But it's not advisable if you're doing it regularly (and please don't undercut... there is a standard rate we all should be charging).

(Many people would also say it's not advisable doing gigs at all without insurance, but I know there are people who are, and will, anyways).

I'm still trying to get southern performers insured... there's about 10 people in the Republic (including Ronan (!!), Eimhin, Aidan, Amelie, Helen, Martin, Cameron, James etc) who have all been doing this for years at a very high standard, and should be insured.

There's rumours of it changing, but until it does... I'm afraid there's not much can be done frown

Performers based in Northern Ireland can get insurance because it's part of the UK... but you need to be a resident here, with a National Insurance number, for it to be valid.

Clare x

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Posted:Hey Guys

I also live and spin in Southern Ireland and have the same problem. A friend of mine has told me of this reputable Australian online company called and they insure practically everything.

I am just waiting to hear back from them, so watch this space.



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O'Driscol & O'Neil insured us for stilts and also offered us fire. We're in Galway, he's based in Dublin. Why's this myth persisting that you can't get insured in the republic? It's just not true, I know of at least 5 performers with fire insurance, including Aiden & Amelie.

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