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I have been searching for ideas to put down on a risk assessment, because my imagination isnt that great when it comes to predicting problems. I wondered about creating a 'global risk assessment' on this forum, where people can contribute their own ideas and build up a huge risk assessment for everyone to use (after minor alterations for specific venues). It would be good if it could include fire/non fire across all arts, Poi, staff, diablo etc.

What are peoples thoughts on this?


If the idea goes ahead, we will need some decent headings first. I suggest the following (please suggest additions/alterations)

Section 1, general;
Assessor name

Section 2, equipment used?
equipment - apendix equipment list.
fuel - apendix fuel data sheet.

Section 3, for each risk...
Person at risk (yourself, other performers, public)
Severity rating (out of 10?)
Likelihood rating (out of 10)
Risk factor (severity X likelyhood)
If risk occurs...
Reduce risk by...

That ok for a start?


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Posted:risk of losing the lottery : about 1:1,000,000 :P

oh, you mean when doinga fire show? wink

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Posted:This is an old version of the risk assesment that my uni juggling club uses, I think it's been edited since and will need more editing. Hope it helps, and obviously any pointers anyone else has to edit this one also are welcome.

Risk === Group at risk === Level of risk === Action taken to prevent risk.

Burns from the fire === Organisers/people performing === High this could happen but the level of burns will vary as to the degree of burns === Use of low-temperature fuels, low-flammability clothing. Main danger from heated metal components All items must be dipped in paraffin immediately after extinguishing to reduce temperature. Make sure that all performers are aware of the dangers, and are fully trained in handling equipment carefully. Woolly hats must be worn over long hair/hair must be tied back. A first aid box is located nearby.

Equipment Catching Fire === Equipment owned by contractors === Low === Performers kept at a suitable distance from all equipment. All equipment to be marked within the dark so clearly visible, with performers directed to avoid by at least 5m.

People catching fire === Anyone === High === High levels of training given to fire performers. Hats must be worn, along with loose fitting clothing. Spreading out of performers to avoid contact.

Paraffin Spillages === Anyone === Medium Naturally very slippy so can cause === Storage on grass to prevent surface retention of substance. Use of wide-bottomed visible containers in the dark to prevent spillage.

Ingestion of Paraffin === Performers === Low Only exposure to fine particles === Spinning off of excess fuel before performance, keeping performers well spread out to reduce concentration === Same Making use of maximum space possible.

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Posted:I love playing this game, only it's much more fun when you're talking abotu the big picture in life that you can't affect than talking about things in your everyday life that could actually do you harm. It's more fun when it's distant. It's scary when you look at things close to you.

Section 1
Name: Kathryn "Kat" Mendryk***
Alias: Kathain Bowen##
Date: Wed, June 23, 2006

Section 2
Equipment Used:

FIRE Poi ("Girly" - single cathedral wicks, double finger loop leather straps, 22" #15 ball chain, using #15 couplings and standard quicklinks) ("Long" - double cathedral wicks, single loop leather straps, 18" #13 ball chain, #13 couplings, and standard quicklinks) Our standard safety equipment (if you want a list, let me know)

FUEL Coleman's Camping Fuel External Link to MSDS

Section 3
Risk: Human burns

People at risk: Performer, organizer, safety tech, and audience.

Severity Rating: 10. Items can be replaced. People cannot. This should always be at the top of your mind. Your tools, your space, shrubbery, houses, it can all be attained again. Friends, family, willing audiences, you don't get a second chance with those. Burns range in size and severity, which would truly alter this rating, but I'm a pessismist. Plan for the worst; hope for the best.

Likelihood Rating: Varies depending upon individual person. Performer (10), Safety tech (7) Oragnizers/Audience (varies depending upon distance and participation).

Risk factor: varying degrees between 50 to 100, using the calculation given.

If risk occurs: Any amount of victims, immediately extinguish flames and assess those injured. The amount of injured and the severity of the injury should determine your course of action. Also, the type of injury should determine you course of action. In the event of anything more than just simple 1st degree burns, you should medical treatment. Anything involving more than one injured requires first a triage style manner of handling things to assess who is in the worst shape and requires more immediate medical attention. MVA and severe accidents require immediate phoning of your local emergency services.

Reduce risk by: Using only carefully checked tools, perform only under the best of circumstances, keeping and maintaining a minimum crowd distance, only burning in an area you've previously assessed for any protentially unseen risks. Maintain a safe distance from your fuel source, shake-off cans, fuel dump from any potential ignition source. Always burn with a minimum of one trained safety tech, only wear safe clothes for burning, etc.
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Posted:*Wanders in*

Ok, this looks way too much like work.

*wanders out*

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I have thought about the calculation i suggested (I have seen it on other risk assessments) but think a description (low, med, high) would be better, along with a short description if required, this makes it easier sort ot the varying risks as Kat pointed out.

If people could post any ideas they think should be on here (whatsoever) it would be great.

Another one to add to the list (read about this one happening, very serious consequences!);

Fuel dump catching fire.
Groups at risk:
All in vicinity of fuel dump.
Low (if precautions followed).
Overall Risk Factor:
Medium, may lead on to other risks such as property catching fire.
Action to be taken:
Extinguish using Fire Blanket or specialist fire extinguisher (high pressure extinguishers could disperse fuel and cause fire to spread). Ensure fire does not spread. Contact emergency services if fire gets out of control.
Measures to reduce risk:
Use fuels with high ignition temperatures/flash points, maintain safe distance from fuel source (10m) when performing, keep ignition sources at safe distance (10m).


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