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Posted:ok iv been having some trouble finding some good l.e.d.'s i know not to get globalz from poi poi but i was wondering if anyone knew any good websites have have good l.e.d's for a decent price i want some that either change color or stay one color and i want them bright b/c those are fun. just post websites and coments about them if u feel like it. biggrin

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Posted:Did you just want some replacement one's?? If so try this:

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Posted:i have glowballs and find them really good as they are soft so dont break and beleive me i always hit myself or something with them

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Posted:get battery powered glowsticks, I've seen em about for about 3 quid each



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Posted:I would recomend, here is a page to glow poi.

Ide go for the Glowballs Poi (Price: 18.50)

However I DONT recomend getting the starburst Glow Poi, the outer poi head will crack and shatter easily.

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Posted:i do love my Glowballs but im on my 2nd pair this year the last ones broke mid spin and went off in to the night and the beeds fall out but other than that i like them. i have just got a pair of rubber things today they look great in the dark but not to smooth to spin.

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Posted:I really like the hedgehog poi.
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