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Location: Gothenburg

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Posted:I was wondering if someone knows of any more good places to find online poi leasons... I've studied the ones here at homeofopoi.com and I really found them educating. But i'm thirsty for more, any sugestions?

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Location: panama

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Posted:Yeah me too i almost can do every of all the move posted in this site... i also wanna know other moves... if someone knows of a good site pls post it here
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Location: Down the road, United Kingdom

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Posted:Incendium seems quite a good place to find other sites:www.incendium.orgBut then you probably knew that already
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Location: Reading, UK

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Posted:Hey i'm not sure how useful this will be to you , I think it has more or less the same moves, but you could check it out anyway.http://www.geocities.com/firepoi/Happy twirlingFire_Sista

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Posted:All the basic moves out their are listed on this site. The only thing to do after learning them is creating variances and combinations and transitions.Love always,Spanky


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