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jubfluffSILVER Member
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ok, you're in a club. first time in ages there's actually enough space to have a spin with a bit of bangin' psy to move to. no sooner have you got going and someone will be hanging around trying to catch your eye. why? 'can i have a go?' these people are never newbies interested in what you're doing but really good spinners. now i know we're supposed to be this lovely, supportive community (we are, aren't we?!?), but - if you're that into spinning, bring your own! i'm never without some poi, i even have an old set in my van so if i have a moment in a layby i can get some practice in. for me the whole point of poi is to dance with them and the best place to do that is in a club (yeah, or outdoors, but then you've got fire and space and time), the majority of which you find are too damn crowded when you get in there, having found some way of transporting your toys, had them eyed suspiciously by the doorstaff and then carting them round the rest of the night with little chance of using them.

or am i being an arse?

TinklePantsGOLD Member
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I think it takes a bit of give and take. much like making love to a beautiful woman.

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on halfmoon-party two days ago I found myself in a "Thriller"-Szene, I scaringly felt like Mr. Jackson.... eek People came up to me on stage and went: "gimme your poi, gimme your poi"... was kinda scary... I soon left - hence it was big fun to perform in front of 300 people and 99% of them heavily intoxicated (well, that was the less amusing part)... some of them were totally mesmerized biggrin whoahahaha devil spect's dribblydrops **gg**

@Oracle: Depends - an intoxicated Thai on homeshore? Let him set himself on fire, if he asks for it. shrug As for the rest - I don't have a clear conception on this - all depends on my feeling.

Staff I would never again give out of hand on such an event and with poi I try to at least cover the space between them and the sound-system...

@Tinkle: and wots about making love to a beautiful man? umm
and what you know about lovemaking to beautiful women? umm


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polaritySILVER Member
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Usually just telling people how much my poi cost to make puts them off spinning them, although I don't have a problem with other people having a go (so I can take pictures), as they're a lot harder to break than you'd think (just likely to cause severe bruising if you hit yourself).

I took them to the Tribe of Frog 5th birthday party, and was spinning in one corner with nearly everything wrapped around my hands. Not only did one of the dancers ask me to spin on stage, but they cleared the stage to make more space bounce2 It was either that or the possibility of some rather concussed fairies.

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If I go up to someone and ask for a go with their poi I'll always try and thank them by teaching them something new. To me its a nicer way to do things than bouncing up, spinning then running off again and it lets you get to know the other spinner a lot better. Plus someday, if you meet them again, they might remember you and teach you something interesting.

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squarexbearSILVER Member
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I've been both sides of the argument - generally i'll let someone play with socks (that belong to aimee, haha) but not my favourites (unless they've 'proved themselves') and DEFINITELY not my fire toys..its generally agreed among the spin that we don't share with people we're unsure of.

you should always feel like you can say no, but i've felt like i couldn't and i've been guilty of making other people feel that way. not in a club situation, just when i've seen little kids playing with them and i've wanted to teach them and i've been a little tiny weeny bit overenthusiastic...oh well.

theres always the problem with people that'll yoink your toys after you've said no, too.
*shakes fist*

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I only ever have my poi at Venturer camps, and you get to know the regulars and the names of regulars, and I dont have a problem lending them out to them... I only use electroglo poi and tail poi, so there is no fire danger (just hard plastic on the electroglo). However at the Autralian Venture I did refuse to lend them to someone, as I didnt know them, and they wanted to use my "spinny things" now that is a fairly dead give away that it is a BAD idea.
At one stage I lent them out and was watching someone twirl my tail poi and glo poi but then I got a phone call so left to take that (it was the boyfriend, and I wanted some privacy) I get back after my call to find my tail poi in 2 bits (tails off just leaving the balls) and the tails were in the dirt, and my electroglo were lying in a puddle of mud! I was NOT happy, so I picked up everything, tried to clean the water off of the electroglo and chucked everything in my tent, then went for a nice long walk. The guy who did it was some random that no one really knew, and I was annoyed at the disrespect.

But really, I dont see any harm in saying no for whatever reason, but sharing them is nice... I know I keep wanting to go up to spinners and ask if they will teach me a trick, but I usually just sit there watching them until I have to leave or they are finished.

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well i used to let people have a go and the people that asked me didnt know one thing about it so i would try and teach them at least one trick so they would feel good until a few guys tried to show off in front of there mates and totally wrecked my led poi i was furious grabed wat was left and found the other parts and walked off they chased me saying sorry but i new if i had of spoke it would of been not nice so i just avoided them now im careful with who i let spin

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Location: Bendigo, Vic, Australia

I would have let them have a go at my "spinny things" if they were my tail poi, but because they were my LED poi, I was just a little bit worried for mostly their safety... they're heavy and they hurt!

newgabeSILVER Member
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Indeed. I have some prototype glowies that are a bit fragile, and they have been broken by people, even good spinners, knocking them together, doing fast stuff... so no I just don't loan them now. Socks and stuff no worries!

And similarly, I am a percussionist.. and my (middle eastern) drum is my dear friend... is gobsmacks me when people just walk up and start playing it, bash wallop bash bam

eek sticking it between their legs like it's a djembe (it isn't) and looking pleased with themselves. You wouldn't just grab someone's violin and start bashing at it and think that was OK either socially or musically!!

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....

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