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Posted:wooooooow!holy crap... i just got home... from an insane accident.. i just totaled my jeep.. and i'm lucky to be alive.. none of you care.. but i'm going to tell you the story.. because my adrenalin is pumping.. and i need to get it off my chest...i was driving home from taking my friends to the bar.. and i passed a car who was going WAY under the speed limit (for good reason, i'll explain later) so, i pass them... and when i'm going to go back into my lane, my car begins to get a bit squirrely, so not wanting to put on the brakes, because that would make the slide worse, i let off the gas and let it happen.. i turn into the slide.. but that aint happening.. i see my car heading into the snow bank.. and i brace myself for impact.. i hit the snowbank and the rest of the accident is a blur.. i remember a lot of bumping and shaking.. and next thing i know.. i'm upside down, my car is on fire, and my CD is skipping :lol unbelieveably, my drivers side door is unharmed (for the most part) and i manage to flip myself over and crawl out of my upside down car.. i'm untouched... totally amazing.... my passenger side is totally flattened... and the two rear seats of my jeep are demolished.... the only seat that remained relatively untouched.. was mine... i dont know if any of you are relegious at all.. but i'm thanking god for my life right now... because it's just a car... and i walked away untouched... utterly unbelieveable... ok... well.. i've got that off my chest.. sorry to bug you guys with matters unrelating to anything close to poi lol..i took a valium, and i'm just waiting for it to kick in so i can sleep maybe... G'nite all -tails

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Posted:thing of luck. wish you more!!!! enjoy life, every second you can catch of it.------------------ ###surrounded by natty###

###surrounded by natty###

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Posted:eek.there was an accident outside a house i used to live in. a car flipped going round a corner, went upside down and came crashing down on a concrete wall - remarkably the only part of the car *not* totally demolished was the drivers seat.the guy was unscathed save for a couple of bruises. i really hope that event changed the way he drove. (he was speeding when he crashed)

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God is good------------------May the fire of God burn its impression on your heart.

May the fire of God burn its impression on your heart.

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Posted:talk about close calls...man o man...good to hear ur alright bro

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Posted:Someone/thing was watching over you!I hope every minute of life is a bit sweeter for you than ever!I am so glad you are alright! Stay that way.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...http://www.pyromorph.com

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:I feel ya, Brother! I had a wreck October of '00, and wasn't quite so lucky!I was driving down a back street on the way to pick up a part for something I was working on, driving the speed limit, minding my own. Came to a stop sign, and stopped. There was a steep hill on the left side of the street running perpindicular to mine, so when I pulled out, I didn't even see the van speeding toward me. I remember seeing a blur to me left, and stomping on the gas to try to get out of the way.The van that hit me was one of those huge mom-mobiles with a pointed front bumper, and I was driving a Pontiac Grand Am GT 2-door. It is a rather smallish car. The point in the front of the van struck perfectly in line with my body and the seam of the door. The van was doing in excess of 50 miles per hour. My car was flung sideways 230 feet.I blacked out for a split second, and came too with stars everywhere. Now I know where the saying came from! As my vision slowly returned from being trapped in a tunnel of darkness, I had to fight with the searing pain in my chest to regain the ability to breathe. I was pinned between the crushed door and the center console that covered the transmission. When we went back to look at the car, the actual width of where I was sitting was no more than about 18 inches, and that was with the *door removed*!When the rescue team showed up, they scrambled out of the fire trucks, and when they saw the car, I watched every one of them hang their head, and slow their walk. They thought I was dead. When they got to the car, some of them were surprised to see that I was alive, but I heard them mumbling to each other that i would be paralized.It took 20 minutes from that point to cut me out of the car, and I spent an agonizing 7 hours in the ER without pain medication until they could determine what was wrong. I ended up with a shattered pelvis, my sacrum broken in three places, 6 cracked ribs, and jammed shoulder. My girlfriend, Angela sat beside me the whole time, picking glass out of my face and eye.Because of what was injured, they couldn't put any kind of cast or anything on me. I spent 1 month on crutches, and walked with a cane for another 3, but I made a full recovery. Thank you GOD!I had 6 people go with me the following week to see the car in the junkyard. As soon as it came into view, both my Mom and Angela broke down in tears. I have a whole roll of pictures of it. We have one looking down on the car from the top of a van that was parked beside it. It was bowed like a banana. There wasn't a single piece of that car that wasn't bent.It took me almost a year to quit cringing every time I come to an intersection, and I will still have a mini-panic, when I forget and notice that I am crossing a street.I am not trying to upstage you Tails. Honest. I think you were EXTREMELY lucky to have escaped unscathed. It kind of makes you feel like that you were saved to serve some purpose. Like you weren't meant to go quite yet, you still have things to accomplish.I am very glad that we didn't have to experience the loss of a friend. My heart goes out to you, man. Kindest regards, Jacob ------------------I feel more like I do now then I did when I got here.PLUR(RE) ---J---

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Posted:glowshow... i've had a couple accidents that weren't that pleasent either... as a matter of fact... maybe we should make an 'injury' thread
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anyways... i spent about 60 seconds of my digicam on my car at the junkyard.. i'm going to convert it into mpeg.. maybe if it's small enough i'll host it on my website.. if nothing else.. i'll put up some screenshots.. peace outTailsWEAR YOUR SEATBELT!!!! <---- new signiature
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chemical attraction
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Posted:that was a close one.glad your still alive.

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Posted:close one for both of you guys, sounds to me like somone is definatly lookin after you and dont want you to go n e where just yet!!
theres still stuff you gotta do here!

ive learned
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Pirate Ninja
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Posted:anyone looking at the dates on this ting

17/02/02 !!!!


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