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Posted:how long do most of you keep your chains while swinging, and why. i usually keep mine as about 53cm which for me i from the tips of my hands to my shoulders, which alows me to swing the poi inwards to my body so it swings near my chest, but doesnt hit me. what about u?

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Posted:I like my pois so that when my arms are hanging by my sides, and my wrists down, they almost touch the ground...If you want to do the short poi moves, just wrap them around your hands a few times while you are playing--it's an easy and awesome effect, then turn around, and unwind them and they are long again, actually, one poi short and one long is a cool effect too!! Hope I helped!love and light,Sacha


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Posted:I have tried pois of all different lengths have found that the longer they are the more they make your arms ache and the less control you have over them although they look brilliant. Short poi are much more versatile, less likely to get tangled and you can spin them much faster.

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Posted:hey emptyset
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, there is a similar topic further down the page if you wanna have a look at that as well...
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happy swinging,Simos

Rick aka Loki
Rick aka Loki

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Posted:I find shorter chains (hand to armpit or a little less) more forgiving when I want to have a lot of body movement while spinning, though the rhythm is different. Normally mine hang to the ground with my arms just slightly bent, but I'm finding I like them shorter the more I spin with them shorter than that.My friend Popo is about 6'2" tall, and his chains are MASSIVE. I'm teaching him and he hasn't lit up yet, but it looks incredible when he's spinning those big honkers around.
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I'm planning on making one really long rope or chain to spin with when summer rolls around, so I can develop wraps and wrap/release moves. Should be fun.Peace, Love, and Fire.-Rick

-Rick aka Loki
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Posted:Is there any specific length that is recommended? I am a very short person and in the process of buying my first set, and I am very worried they will be way too long. I am thinking about taking some measurements beforehand. I'd rather not buy the set twice, ahaha


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Posted:In my experience it's impossible to know what the "best" length is before you've started learning how to spin poi.

Once you practice for a month or two you'll start having a preference for a specific length that fits your style best