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so my poi keep burning out way to fast...why is this?

i think its too soon for my wicks to be needed to change, what do you think the problem may be? I use kero, but maybe dont soak them for long enough?

any help would be great ubbrollsmile

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alien_oddityCarpal \'Tunnel
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how long do you soak them for???

i keep mine in a jar when not in use, take the handles off, heads and chains both go in and i keep a little kero in the jar to keep the heads moist

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Maybe they're just pants? What sort of heads are you using? Can you describe size/age/style etc? Do you like to spin very fast or slow?


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hmm well they are tube core 2.5 inch wik wire cord poi.
they are kinda old
spinn pretty fast
i tend to leave em soak for only 3-4 mins redface so im guessing i should pre pare them the night before kinda thing.

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no; that's a bad idea for a couple reasons; the extra time won't really absorb much extra, plus you run the risk of someone knocking it.

tube core's don't hold as much as say, a cathedral or monkey fist, and if they are old and you spin pretty fast, that'd do it. Also, how do you burn off, because that's getting rid of some of the fuel.

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Yeah, soaking your wicks longer wont make much difference at all. Kevlar can only hold so much fuel ya know? Plus, you should be spinning off any excess before lighting anyway. Its your wicks. They're small and old. Get a new set and youre good. My suggestion is non-tube cores (cathedrals, moonblaze, monkey fist).

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Slow down.

Fast spinning is lame anyways.

And get yerself some new wicks.

And maybe some new shoes... mmm.. shoe shopping.. ubblove

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soak your wicks for 10 minutes after using them, always worked for me... also use monkeyfists! Ive tried many kinds, and they last far longer than other wicks!

Good luck!

alien_oddityCarpal \'Tunnel
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Am i wrong to keep my wicks pre-soaked when not in use??? confused

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i keep my wicks pre-soaked. After burning i pour over more lamp oil/kero to stop the smoldering inside and then just cover it. I don't keep my chains in there though. My tube core wicks are pretty decent, keeping them pre-soaked doesn't give them anything extra, i sqeeze them anyway and whatnot, its's just conveniecne. I agree with sparkler, somewhere around 10-15 minutes should be plently to soak them. And new wicks is a wonderful idea.

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no its just a waist of parafin

just dunmk them after burning to makesure you put out any smoldering embers

it has beed a long standing mith that you have to keep your wicks soaked.

if anything if you have wood core tube poi its bad the wood solwly soaks up more parafin and is more predisposwed to burn away.

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I kept my old Monkey fists soaked all the time they ended up miss shaped and deteriated a lot faster than my new monkeys that I've just kept in a pair of socks and always have a dunk in fuel to go home with.

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