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Posted:I was supprised to see that a discussion hasnt already started on this since, at least for me, things have changed dramatically when it comes to going out and drinking.

i dont know exactly the change which has happened but what i do know, or have gathered, is that the new laws allow for 24hour drinking. clubs/pubs can now apply to stay open and serve for longer hours, and i assume because of this, all 24hr supermarkets will be serving alcohol at any time.

at first you get the 'hell yeah' view from some people (well some of my uni friends), personaly i like the fact people now have a choice for when to go out and when to leave, rather than everyone spilling out onto the streets at the same time. also i like the fact that if im working till late, say 11pm, i can still go out and see my friends etc without feeling rushed.

what i dont agree with or like personnaly is the 'lets drink 24/7' attitude, in my view the bars/pubs/clubs may now need to be more tougher on not serving people who are over the limit/too intoxicated.
i try not to go out too much into town these days because normally i cant afford it, let alone going out at say 9pm and staying out till (in some places 8am), theres no way i could afford that! and yeah i admit i like my drink, but an 11hours drinking spree?
im just putting some of my view points up, wondering what you guys think, after all it is something that affects everyone (in england).

heres a lil poll too to see a basic census:

Disclaimer:im not responsible for what i say or do whether it be before,during and after drinking alcoholic substances (owned by BMVC).
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Posted:I'm assuming the "Yes" means it's a good idea, while the "No" means it's a bad idea?

I'd say it's a silly idea, but I have limited experience of the new laws. Not sure how much it'll affect people who are normally in the habit of going out at 9 and staying out til 2-3. If that's what you're used to, why would you change just because you can?

After much consideration, I find that the view is worth the asphyxiation.
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Posted:Its a great idea.

A few people will try to drink for 24hrs to prove a point. They may even end up in hospital or worse. I'm sure they'll be no great loss though wink

The vast majority of people will just relax the way they drink. There wont be a sudden rush of drinking an hour before closing time followed by period of extreme pissed behaviour at kicking out time.

There's no obligation to stay open for your entire licenced hours. They could simply be used to make lock-in's legal.

I'm also a DJ, promoter and general party planner so these new rules are something that I've been wanting for years. I think these new laws will have a knock on effect to night clubs. They will have to improve their music policy / standard of entertainment to keep pulling people in. A lot of people only go to clubs because they have a late bar. I think this should eventually mean less drunk morons in nightclubs as they'll stick to their bars.

I'll type something that makes sense tomorrow after sleep .


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Posted:I like it... I think closing at 11 encourages people to drink more in less time, whereas if the pub closes at 1 or 2 they're more relaxed about it. Of course, those who WANT to drink a lot and cause trouble will do it whatever the laws are.

Another good point I think is the buying in 24h-shops... most parties I've been to run out of drinks after the shops stop selling it

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Posted:I agree on the whole with the change, the only other improvement would to see the licencing laws abolished altogether. You don't need a licence to open a clothes shop, or a food shop, or a newsagents, so why need a licence for alcohol? Being bound by laws of hygiene and responsible servings (ie you can't serve when someone is completely legless nor if they're underage etc) are more than plenty to ensure pubs are well managed and act responsible to their clientelle.

This whole "must be out by 7 to get drunk and leave by 11" attitude is what's ruined British pubs and helped create the whole lager lout idiots that like to congregate post closing time. A pub should be allowed to open and close it's doors when it likes just like any other shop, be it 5pm - 8pm or open 24 hours.

Of course theirs the idiots who think it means everyone will drink for 24 hours but really, the alkies will still spend every penny they have, those who can't hold their drink (puts own hand in the air) will still only by two or three and everyone else can now nicely adjust their evenings to suit themselves instead of being forced into the 7-11 evenings.

It's a change for the better for sure, I'm glad it's happenned and hopfeully will lead to an improvement as compared to the current (recent) situation.

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Posted:well one thing that i don't think happend which all the doom mongers predicted was a total decent into anarchy last weekend.

i'm all for the new laws as so many of you have put accross the bestest points i cant really say much more


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Posted:Speaking as a barman i'd say there are good points and bad points

The good ones:
1) Being open later for me means that the bar makes more money (not always the case though)

2)Also if im out say going to the cinema and it finished around 1030 and i want to go for a drink im often hindered due the fact that most bars close at 11 and therefore the only place to go is a late night club which is often very expensive and may not have an atmosphere your looking for, therefore with these new laws pubs and small bars may be open till about 12 (in the case of my bar) so then you get time to have a bit of a dirnk before going home.

3) Also for the same reason that if people want to go out in the evening but dont want to go to a loud club etc which will be open till 2 or 3am they can just go out to the pub or bar for a night out an finish around 12 or 1 rather than feel they have to move on, its having the extra option which is the appeal

The bad points frown
1) Being open later for me is crap because it means I still have to serve drunk idiots for an hour later wink

2) Often after finishing work I like to go to the club across the road and get about 2 hours in there before it shuts, now due to the alte licensing I wont be able to do that because by the time we've shut and cleaned up it'll be close to the club closing time

3) More people drinking simply because they can therefore getting more drunk than need be

4) People being out on the town later which means coming back later drunk and causing public nuisance

Overall I dont believe that the extra licensing will cause people to drink a lot more or cause a much bigger difference, and until it does i'll grin and bare it

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Posted:I think its a great idea, and has been drummed up by the media abit too much for what its turned out to be.

First of all, not all pubs/bars would want there staff working till silly hours, also there is a risk with this sort of thing. the longer a pub/lub/bar whatever stays open the more money it costs the buisness, meaning its more likely to only be open 1 or 2 or maybie 3 hours longer otherwise they owuld loose money.

Plus its good to be able to drink late without being rushed and for the people who work nights.longer hours they get to spend some time in a nice pub with there mates.

Theres allways going tobe a lets drink 24 hours str8 attitude but the only way they can do that is by buying at supermarkets and drinking at home really, so very little has changed that.

It might encourage more drinking but for the majority of people they will calm down abit later once the novelty wears off, at least for the most part!

sorry if all this has been said b4, i sorta loosly read the topic.

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Posted:One thing I like about Britain is that most people don't own cars. Discourages drunk driving.

In most American cities and towns, just after 2AM (when bars tend to close here) on a Friday or Saturday is a SCARY time to be driving.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Written by: lightning

One thing I like about Britain is that most people don't own cars. Discourages drunk driving.


Car ownership is rife in Britain; overly so.

Britain does do a lot though to discourage drink driving, with loads of campaigns that have been running over many years.

Obviously people do drink drive, but, on the whole, it's generally considered highly immoral by most of the population.

Currently they're shifting to focus now onto driving while under the influence of drugs, as it's claimed that statistics are showing that the incidence of accidents whilst the driver was drugged, have now overtaken that of accidents while the driver was drunk.

In my experience, most Brits who go out on the town would not drive home, as

1. they like their cars too much, and getting caught drunk in charge=banned from driving

2. Brits out on the town, drink to the extent that, even to them, it would obviously be crazy to attempt to drive; after a night out, many are barely capable of even walking smile

instead they either use taxis, or have some kind of rota where one individual doesn't drink.

(Though I suspect this applies far more to urban/city areas, I know that in parts of rural Cornwall for example, driving after drinking is much more accepted)

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Posted:Many towns and cities don't deserve a 24hour license, and I'm sorry to say, my personal opinion is that UK as a populus doesn't deserve 24hr licensing. The way us Brits drink, we aren't responsible enough to have it. For example, the french drink wine to enjoy the taste (A bloody good excuse, but thats beside the point)...now does forcing a bottle of Reef down your throat seem a little pointless as you don't get to taste it (unless it comes back up). Some people are going out thursday to sunday. Now with 24hr licensing, whats to stop them drinking 3-4days straight (If they had the various staying awake aids to help them?)

I work in a bar, and I'm a ruthless barman. If I think you're drunk you ain't getting served. I will sit on my mighty high horse and refuse you and the basis that I can and I don't need a reason. If you can't talk,walk,stand,breathe..then I have a reason not to serve you. Think about the casulties you see even early on during the night. The reason british people drink is to get hammered. I'm not saying they aren't being sociable, and that they aren't having a good time. BUT....seriously the UK doesn't need this crap right now! It has so many other major problems, that this just seems like another way for the government to make money out of alcohol tax, and then make us pay for the extra police needed and extra hospital beds through all the other taxes we pay.

Nottingham where I live is a renowned as one of the most troublesome places in the UK for alcohol violence. Notts has over 400 licensed premises within a 1mile radius of the centre, with 3million people with 15mins drive. Those are not good maths for some of the fouliest people on earth! (Sorry but it is full of Chavs,RudeBoys,Students (God damnit I hate student mentality!) and Stag parties....Plus most of the women are fairly-to-very rough.

If you want 24hr drinking, there should be a better way to do it that just to allow any pub or bar getting a license. A private club for example, that way they have all your details and can alert other pubs and bars of the drunkern idiot-antics. With a members only scheme they could at least minimise and control alcohol violence and intake.

At the end of the day, it a bloody stupid idea...unlimited access to alcohol is gonna have bad effects all round!
Would you give a crack addict unlimited access to their drug...what do you reckon they would do? 'I've got all the crack I need to last me a life time and 24hr access, maybe I'll slow down my intake!' - Seems a little unrealistic to me! ( And although I say this, I'm still being a little hypocritical as I believe tweed should be legal...I'm not saying 24hours and not to 16 yr olds...but maybe I wanna buy some bud with my cigarettes and munchies)

On the other side though, yes I would like to get a beer at 7am (I'm an insomniac, and a few brews always helps). And yes it's a shame that some of my favourite bars shut earlier than I want to go home, but I simply accept the fact that the human body needs its shutdown time and maybe about 2am is a good time to consider getting some sleep.

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Posted:It's a fact that many Brits can't drink sensibly- alcohol fuelled violence is the biggest cause of casualty admissions on Fri/sat nights.

On the whole, the UK police very much opposed the relaxing of drinking laws- they have to deal with the consequences and believe that 24 hr drinking will only add to the carnage.

However, maybe the question is why can't brits drink with restraint?

Some of those who supported 24 hr drinking believed that the brits attitude to drinking was, in part, caused by the previous drinking restrictions, and conclude that relaxing the laws will straigten things out.

Although I would point out that, even if it was caused by the previous restrictions, this in no way means that removal of these restrictions will cure the problem (as an analogy, a cancer may be caused by smoking, yet won't be cured by stopping smoking).

There's arguments on both sides, and none are conclusive.

I guess, if there is something good in the new relaxed drinking laws, it is that we are now basically running an experiment, and, when it's gone on for a while, we can hopefully start to see which is best.

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Posted:I was in york when the laws changed... and I'd have to say it seems to have been fairly positive.

There's not such a mad rush of insanity at the end of the night on the weekends... cos the night doens't end right away. The nightclubs can have a slightly more relaxing atmosphere... During the week there's only two bars open after 11 but it does help spread out when people are leaving, and some of the clubs now staying open till 3ish has made the queue's better and people a little less fussed about what they do when their leaving, when it is they want to leave, etc...

I probably sound incoherent cos I'm jet-lagged. But in general I'm saying its been positive even for the students etc they've been more relaxed about things and no-one's taken it as an excuse to drink up heavily in the last hour or anything...

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Posted:Written by: Chumpy

Those are not good maths for some of the fouliest people on earth! (Sorry but it is full of Chavs,RudeBoys,Students (God damnit I hate student mentality!)

Lol, ok, i agree with the student mentality bit, all my uni mates have gone "wahooo, more time to get pissed" and thats about it. But to class students as some of the foulest people on earth?? Chavs and rudeboys (sorry to generalise, but from experience) start fights all the time, bully, victimise and intimidate. With my experience, students hardly ever do that! Ye you get the drunk students, but wat harm are they apart from to thereselves?

And as for the licensing law change.... i'm not really sure how it will work out. I agree with most of wats been said... just spose i shall wait and see. A lot of the premises near us arent staying open much later, if at all. So ye....


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