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Doc Lightning

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Posted:Well this is all very bizarre. HOP works. gay.com works. But CNN, BBC, Google, Yahoo, Yahoo.co.uk, NYTimes, and Stanford.edu don't work.

I don't get it. confused

-Mike )'(
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Posted:let it sit a bit and try again, if ya still got the problem make sure the sites actually WORK and aren't just cached on your system. if they ACTUALLY work then its not your comp, its a DNS server in your area probably down. nothin u can do cept wait. call you ISP if u like tho.

also , try pinging some site. open a command prompt (start->run->cmd then type ping www.google.com and see what it sez.

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Posted:or, if you want to be really tricky, you could do a tracert.

Hit start, go to run. Type cmd and hit enter.

In the dos box, type 'tracert homeofpoi.com', minus quotes. That does much the same as a 'ping', but it tells you what's happening each step of the way.

Do the same again for a couple of other sites that are working, then do it for a site thats not. There should be either a really long hesitation, or a loss, at one of the nodes. write down or remember that name, then tracert another not working site. Again, if its an internet problem, there should be a really long pause somewhere. jot that name down too. Do a couple more if you'd like, but if the names where the pause happens match up, there's your problem. Oh, and they don't have to match up perfectly, if one stops at, for example, 24.referrer and the other stops at 2332.referrer, chances are its the same centre thats crook.

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Posted:mike i had a similar prob - only everything worked bar hop the other day - i unplugged the router and it came back biggrin

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