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Posted:Does anyone know of any good "free" pop-up blockers?
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Draco Iracundia
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Posted:use Fire Fox.
look here
its a good browser and stops most popups.

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:'No!Flash' is excellent- I posted details here-
unfortunately the link to the download site no longer works, but I'm sure you could track down somewhere that's got it.

It not only stops pop-ups, but you can also set it to disable graphics, which makes HOP pages download much quicker, and, best of all, you can toggle between blocking and allowing with one mouse click.

Alternatively, most pop-ups need activeX or javascript to function, so putting your IE security settings on 'high' for the interent zone, will stop most pop-ups (and other malware/spyware/adware etc).

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Posted:I like opera, the browser. it stops most of the bull-crappy ones, and if they do popup, you can set them to pop up as a background tab, where you can close them with a middle mouse click. you can also customise every button to a different function, should you want to. I think it also takes getsures, but i dont like them...

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Super pop up blocker is what I use, you can even run it after the evaluation runs out and it clears net history *wink wink*

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Posted:Violently tame, im not toog ood on web browsers but have something else to say

This help section of this forum is a section in which hoppers can ask for help about anything, it doesnt have to be poi or spinny related in the slightest, you qualify to post in this forum simply by being a hopper, not for writing about poi stuff.

So therefore i'd advise you to rename the title of your thread to along the lines of 'Free Pop up blockers' since that way people who browse this forum who may know about it will pop in smile

Good luck with your search

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