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I was just talking with my friend, and the both of us were complaining about not living in an air conditioned space, and how incredibly lazy everything got in the summer time.
Currently, it's 30 C in my basement, and about 32 C in the rest of my house (See why I live in my basement?). He's in a 6th floor apartment and it's 34 C in his place.
This is all of course with out humidex factored in. I was hearing reports on the radio that with the humidex it was getting up to 40-50 C in the mid day time.
The both of us live in southern Ontario, in Canada. That's right, the people you hear about getting ice storms and 10-20 feet high snow banks and -50 degrees with the wind, also get 50 degree heat with the humidity in the summer time -.-
I was wondering what the weather is like for the othre HoP people about? Is Southern Ontario just really variable in our weather (a 100 degree spread sounds a bit variable to me), or am I just crazy from this heat?

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Oh yes, blame the heat. :P
Across our year here in the northlybit of Tasmaniawe vary between a bit below zero and thirtysomething across the year.

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Ugh. I can take heat. I just cant take the damn humidity. Its seriously rediculous right now where I am. Yesterday we had thunderstorms all day. Today it was like 90+. That means I was almost swimming through the air. Saturday night I went to a party in a warehouse. Soooo humid. I was rollerdancing all night but couldnt go for more than 3 mins without having to dry myself off for 10 mins by the fan. I saw on the news the other week a woman from South Africa who said its worse here than in Africa just because of the humidity... And I dont doubt her for a second. Thank god my house is air conditioned

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come to the lakes!

then you can complain about the weather

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