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Forums > Social Chat > Hotmail experiecing technical difficulty...!

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happy hunting
Location: Brisnyland
Member Since: 7th Dec 2002
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Posted:is it just my pc or is hotmail on and off day in day out, its really giving my the sh!ts....!!!


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Location: Newcastle, Australia
Member Since: 28th Dec 2002
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Posted:yeh its not just you my hotmail is really funny specially Msn Messenger.
if you have kazaa open msn messenger wont work, well thats on my pc anyway

Location: South Australia, Australia
Member Since: 13th Aug 2002
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Posted:Hi there, I have the same problem with Kazaa and messenger as does my neighbour. its comes up with the error box. Just slide this to the side rather than clicking close and kazaa will still download. doesnt help some of the other probs with messenger and it though.


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HCH No 2
Location: Chester, Cheshire.
Member Since: 18th Sep 2002
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Posted:I've not had prob's with HotMail, but it's changed format again... Probably what the problem was I guess (i.e. them changing it over)


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