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Hey everyone,
I'm new to the forums, but definitly not new to the topic.
I've been spinning poi for over a year, spinning staff for about a year and a half, and breathing (all my life) for about 4 months now.
I've been looking into the possabilities of joining a performing group in the area, but when I look at all the different performing groups, I see things I've never tried.
"Fire Fans" with metal fan-type-things,
"Fire Fingers" with finger torches,
"The Sun Wheel" with... who knows what...
"Fire Tri-Sectional Staff" with... a... tri-sectional staff I presume...
These are all new to me, and I'm very interusted in learning these forms of fire-dancing. If you know anything about these, and wouldn't mind explaining these things to me, or if you do them, and wouldn't mind giving me some tips and pointers, I'ld really appriciate it.
If you want some sort of chat client username or whatever, just lemme know.

Woots! Thanks a ton, fellow fire folks.

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where in the world are you? xxx

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Washington USA

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.:gets hopes up:. state, or DC? if it's DC, go post in my thread in the "meet others" forum, if you don't mind, there's not enough spinners around here


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naw, state, sorry.

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Fire fans are great! [Old link]

Fingers are a bit limited - but Firepois' fire hands have alot more potential - check out the Falmouth video - there's also some three section staff footage. Enjoy!!!

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